Keyword Statistics v.1.6.6


Keyword Statistics 1.6.6 is designed to be an excellent Wordpress plugin that can optimize your WordPress blog for search engines. It can automatically generate meta information (like keywords and description for example) needed for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog. The Keyword-Statistics-Plugin checks the content of a post or a page for keyword density (single words and optionally 2- and 3-word phrases, for each the 1-10 most commonly used can be displayed). It can update its information automatically while the author is writing his content in a variable interval (every 1-10 seconds) or manually by clicking on a button. The script comes with english and german stopwords, which optionally can be filtered out before calculating the keyword densities. Moreover the commonest keywords are extracted in a list as a META keywords suggestion. Based on this list a META description can be created and automatically set. So the plugin can be used to do the on-page part of your SEO strategy. Major Features:Keyword density statistics about the usage of single keywords and keyphrases (2- and 3-words)Setting an individual title for each page and postMETA keywords will be set automatically based on the page contentMETA description generated from content based on the keyword statisticsDefinition of individual titles, keywords and descriptions for all kinds of content aggregations. A set of variables that can be used on the specific aggregations - keywords will be filled up automatically to the maximum number of keys (you can define this too) with the ones generated from the listed posts.Predecessors and successors that will be added to all page titles and descriptions served by your blogSitewide definition of meta keywords that will appear at the end or the beginning of the keyword list on each page of your blog - in addition to the ones defined for single posts or pages and at the various aggregations keyword lists.Page-specific control of robots METAGeneration of Canonical URLs - also for all kinds of content aggregation (lists with last posts, archive, tag, category, search results and author including pagination)Controls the index/follow settings of the content aggregations (full control of robots for the specific aggregations)Configuration of ODP, Yahoo! Directory and ARCHIVE (archiving of the content for search engines like google but also at METAPrevents urls resulting in a not found response (404) from indexationAll meta tags generated by the plugin can be switched off separately to prevent collisions with other pluginsStopwords filtered for:Brazilian PortogueseDutchEnglishFrenchGermanPolishSpanishTurkishBackend translations for:EnglishGermanEnhancements: Now including french stopword list for filtering stopwordsRequirements:Wordpress 1.5 or higher

Keyword Statistics 1.6.6 is designed to be an ...

  • Keyword Statistics
  • 1.6.6
  • Alexander Müller
  • Linux , Mac OS , BSD , Solaris
  • GPL
  • 668

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