GSTMenu Development Kit v.1.5


GSTMenu Development Kit step-by-step instructions 1a) Download the zip file and expand it into a sub-directory. See the gstmenu-from-zip below. Click on gstmenu.exe to see a sample autorun, then click on gstmenu.hlp to get an overview of how to use the product. 1b) When you are ready to start creating your own autorun, copy the 7 circled files to a work sub-directory. This is where you will create your autorun program. ) Go to your graphics program, (yes the GSTMenu Development Kit assumes that you know how to create a graphic bitmap). Create a normal bitmap as show on the left and a highlight bitmap as shown on the right. The highlight bitmap is exactly like the normal bitmap except it is highlighted with different colors and shapes to look different when the mouse travels over the area. Now copy the menu 1 normal and menu 1 highlight bitmaps into the work sub-directory. If you are going to have more than one menu screen, you need to create a matched set for each screen.

GSTMenu Development Kit step-by-step ...

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