1-2-3 PieCharts v.1.0


1-2-3 PieCharts, is a cool new 3D animated java piechart that loads extremely fast, offers users extreme customizability, and great features! Features: - You can include variable amount of pie slices - Change colors of the pieslices - NEW! Supports ability to hyperlink pieslices, with target windows! - Ability to show percentages for the data values entered - Ability to change the pie slice labels - Control over colors such as the background/foreground text colors - Ability to automatically start the demo sequence - Ability to set an automatic pie chart scrolling speed - You can change the piechart header and piechart footer messages - You can choose whether or not you want labels displayed - You can change the fonts - You can also include a background image that you wish to use - And lots of fun with other customizable elements such as the starting piechart height, radius, y offset, and more! Version restrictions: - This demo version supports exactly 5 pie slices.In this demo version, you can click on the piechart, then drag left or right to move the piechart, or press the arrow keys (or SHIFT-and arrow keys) to apply special transformations, such as rotating, depth and more! Also, press "", "+", "-" for more customization! The full version also supports the ability to toggle display of labels, plus decreasing/increasing spacing between pieslices and labels!

1-2-3 PieCharts, is a cool new 3D animated ...

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