Link Checker for Local Files v.11.26


This is a program for searching for broken links in HTML files in a local folder and its subfolders. These files may constitute either the local copy of an online website, the contents of a CD-ROM, or an in-house intranet.

It is assumed that all the files containing links to be checked are contained in a folder, called the 'top folder', and its subfolders. To begin, select the top folder. A subfolder which is an immediate subfolder of the top folder is called a 'top subfolder'. Some top subfolders may not contain any files which should be scanned. To exclude them from the scan click on the 'Exclude top subfolders' button. This brings up a panel where you can check the subfolders to be excluded. All subfolders of an excluded top subfolder (if any) will also be excluded from the scan.

Particular files may be excluded from the scan by inserting a part of their filepath in the 'Exclude filepaths containing' textbox.

The program checks links in the header section of an HTML file as well as in the body section. External links are not checked. By default, all internal links are checked provided that the link is to a file with one of the following file extensions:

htm html shtm shtml doc docx pdf xml xmlx ppt pptx txt xml zip gif jpg jpeg bmp png odp odt ods rtf swf css

Checks for broken links in local html files. A program for searching for broken links in HTML and PHP files in a local folder and its subfolders. These files may constitute either the local copy of an online website, the contents of a CD-ROM, or an in-house intranet.

web, site, file, html, php, link, checker, broken, cd-rom, intranet, local

  • Link Checker for Local Files
  • 11.26
  • 23 Sep 17
  • Hermetic Systems
  • Win XP, Win 98, Win 2000, WinVista x32, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win8 x32, Win8 x64, Win10 x32, Win10 x64
  • Shareware
  • 1.49 Mb
  • 387
  • $18.45

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