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WebSite Auditor 1.7 is designed as a useful tool for anyone dealing with site promotion. Ever wondered why your competition managed to gain their high Google rankings? Get a detailed answer to this question and make use of this secret information. This helpful software gives you an in-depth look into your top 10 competitors' page content. All the data is presented in a customizable easy-to-use table, accompanied by the illustrative cloudmap of keywords contained within the page. Don't be afraid to get lost in the data - smart built-in report will tell you in plain English what to do with the information collected.Even more than that: it will create an optimization plan personally tailored for your page, using the best of your competition SEO experience. Your online rivals spent months to work out successful promotion strategy. You receive it in just a few minutes with only a few mouse clicks.Major Features:Creates onpage optimization reportsWebSite Auditor analyzes you website rocket-fast and then conveniently fits all results into an on-page optimization report that's easy to understand even for a non-professional optimizer.Gives plain-English adviceThe software gives you detailed and clear optimization advice in plain English, recommending and giving the reasoning behind every optimization step that has to be made. All you have to do is make quick changes on your website following the software guidance.Supports UTF-8WebSite Auditor assists in optimizing your web pages for keywords in any languages (that's one of the reasons it's in use in over 100 countries worldwide).Offers advanced analysis for expertsFor those who prefer twisting and turning search engine data themselves, WebSite Auditor offers plenty of info on keyword use, all neatly arranged in the adjustable main view.Provides optimization advice for specific Search EnginesYou can specify the search engines that you particularly target, and WebSite Auditor will help you optimize your pages so that you rank high especially in these particular search engines. Today WebSite Auditor supports 558 search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing and many more.Determines ideal keyword density for your specific keywordsYou get directions as to how many times to use your targeted keywords in each page element. Thus you make your keywords prominent on your webpage, so that they bring you traffic.Analyzes keyword optimization of each HTML elementWebSite Auditor will analyze how many words are used in each important element of your page's HTML code and will tell you how well each of them is optimized for high rankings right now.Gives a general analysis of keyword useThe software supplies you with density, prominence and word count figures for all words used on your website. This helps you pinpoint profitable keywords that you're not targeting right now but that might be good for your traffic.Indicates problem areas of your websiteThis onpage optimization tool will quickly locate which parts of your page are well-optimized and which ones need quick fixing. All these will be marked in the report, so you easily see what exactly to work at.Shows how search engines see your pagesSwitch to the Search Engines View Report and look at your pages exactly as search engines do. See how prominent your keywords will seem to Google and others, and what quick changes you can make to push up your site in search engines.Compares your site with 10 top-ranking competitorsCompare your website with search engine leaders to estimate your current chances to gain the traffic-winning positions for your own site. And get advice to tailor your own pages to effectively compete in your business niche.Uncovers competitors' onpage optimization strategyWebSite Auditor allows you to unveil winning onpage optimization methods of the 10 leading websites in your niche " all in a matter of seconds.Quickly pinpoints optimized elements in the codeWebSite Auditor will highlight critical elements in your page's code, letting you quickly find any problem areas and take action.Quickly re-checks your site to evaluate changesAs soon as you make changes on your website following WebSite Auditor's recommendations, it takes just a few seconds to rebuild the project and evaluate how close your site has come to an ideal.Allows customization of reportsAlthough all 5 types of optimization reports are fully automated, they are absolutely customizable. You can set-up everything from colors and logos that'll match your brand to report sections, introductory words etc.Offers 5 ready-made types of reports to choose fromWebSite Auditor lets you make a choice between an A-Z Optimization Report great to get guidance for yourself, Website Auditor's Report perfect for client reporting, In-House Auditor's Report ideal for office use, Keyword Statistics Report specially tailored for keyword analysis and Search Engines View Report analyzing your page from search engine's perspective.Lets you save reports, e-mail them or publish to the web (available in Enterprise version only)You've got all options to deliver reports to your SEO clients or make them available outside the software, for whatever purpose.Save them in Adobe PDF format for printout and automatically create an organized folder structure based on the current date, client's name and web site. E-mail the PDF or HTML report to your clients or instantly upload it to a website via FTP, right from the software.Provides customizable Workspace filtersSet up Workspaces enforced with flexible filters to conveniently hide the information you don't want on your screen right now, and only display the results you're interested in.For example, an owner of a multi-brand online store can choose to see analysis of only those keyphrases containing the keyword "Rossi".Allows quick searchA quick filter lets you instantly locate any keywords you specify, within the huge list of words found on your site, without the need to create a complex Workspace for this purpose.Leaves you safe and friendly with search enginesWebSite Auditor has a set of powerful features leaving you absolutely search engine friendly. These are search engine API keys, Human Emulation, User Agents rotation and the unique Proxy Rotation mechanism.All these features make sure that you query the search engines safely, and never violate their usage policy.Lets you work from behind a proxyYou can work with WebSite Auditor from behind a proxy " all you need is configure your settings in the Preferences.Enhancements: Version 1.7 adds over 40 new search engines for US, Portugal, Kenya, Vietnam, France, Germany and other Countries, improves formula for Keyword Prominence, and updates search engine algorithms.Requirements: Java Runtime Environment 1.5

WebSite Auditor 1.7 is designed as a useful ...

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