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TemplateToaster is a Windows based software for designing stunning WordPress Themes, Drupal Themes and Joomla Templates. Unlike traditional web designing tools there is no need for you to get familiar with programming languages and designing tools, just install the TemplateToaster and become a great web designer in addition to web developer.Automatic Template Generation: TemplateToaster has an an advanced automated OCtIdeaOCL button that you can keep clicking to get unlimited number of designs and you can select or save the design that attract you or your client. TemplateToaster strictly doesnOCOt contain any template, it generate the designs on clicking the idea button. It generate more than one ideas at once to make the selection range wider. The idea is sub divided to three main categories(Layout, Color Scheme and complete) and many minor categories(like Body idea, Page idea, Header idea, Menu idea, Sidebar idea, Content idea, Footer idea and Button idea.) It means you can generate desired Layout or color Scheme or complete template and can further stretch it to element level like header, menu, footer etc.Start from Scratch: TemplateTaoaster also offer you a OCtstart from ScratchOCL option that you can use if you want to design and arrange every element according to your needs. Advance users and professional web designers always has some set of limitation and instructions set by their clients under which they have to design the templates, this option is the best for them. Start page offers the option to start from scratch using which the user can draw desired layout and can further go to element level in OCtCanvasOCL.Saving the designs for future modifications: You can save your designs as .ttr projects that you can open back in TemplateToaster in future for editing. All of your images, graphics, designs would be saved for future use and you never loose your design. The saved .ttr files are version independent it means you can open the saved .ttr files in all future versions.Advanced Canvas: TemplateToaster has an advanced Canvas where you can easily hatch you designs using the drag drop, this option is very useful for the users that use the OCtstart from scratchOCL feature.You can easily change the size of every main element with just the drag of mouse.Custom Widget Areas, Module Positions and Regions: It also offer an advanced option to draw and add desired number of Custom Widget Areas, Module Positions and Regions in addition to lots of automatically added ones. You can have desired names for the new positions and can also rename existing ones.Page Templates For WordPress: TemplateToaster offer an option to create unlimited number of Page Templates for WordPress themes so that you can have desired unique layout for every page.Responsive Web Design: TemplateToaster support Responsive Web Design(RWD), it means your website will display perfectly fine on any device including but not limited to Apple devices, Android Devices, Blackberry devices, Windows Phones, Big Monitors, Small Tablets, Large Tablets, Desktops and so on..Advanced Color and Gradient Options: Like very advanced image editing softwares it offers you some quite advanced coloring and gradient options using which you can play with colors and gradients by adding desired number of gradient points or we say gradient stops.Graphics Library: It has a vast images/Graphics and color Schemes library and allow users to add their own elements to it. Every time you use a custom image or graphics and color scheme it asks whether to save it in library or not.Splash Page or Landing Page: TemplateToaster offer adding and removing the elements from the page upto root level, in other words you can remove everything from a page to generate a Splash page or Landing Page.Inbuilt FTP: You can use an inbuilt FTP to transfer your designs or templates to the hosting server directly from TemplateToaster, it is quite helpful in case of HTML/CSS websites.Fixed and Fluid Layout: TemplateToaster support both Fixed and Fluid page layouts. Fluid page layout adjust itself according to the visitorOCOs screen resolution.Images everywhere: It support inserting the library and custom images of users everywhere in the template.Tools or options for everything:TemplateToaster has an option to customize every aspect of the template, you can create or mold desired element using lots inbuilt advanced tools.No need to get familiar with coding or designing: There is no need for you to get familiar with coding as TemplateToaster would do everything from coding to designing for you.W3c valid HTML and CSS output: TemplateToaster export W3C HTML and CSS valid code for best rendering in all the browsers.Google Fonts: We are going to add support for Google fonts from our next update for rendering every common font on visitor computers.Support WordPress, Joomla and Drupal: TemplateToaster support designing WordPress themes Drupal Themes and Joomla Templates. Drag and Drop: You can drag any element to any other feasible place, for this click an element like header, menu, sidebar, footer etc and drag to other place, if you donOCOt need an element in your design drag it toward left side and and leave it in the controls dock panel, the controls dock panel will automatically appear when you start dragging any element.Light weight Templates: TemplateToaster create very light weight templates, the loading time will be very low and you wonOCOt feel any blink while traversing pages. Negligible JScript: TemplateToaster created templates are pure HTML/CSS based, we use very less JScript. Support all significant Web Browsers: TemplateToaster support Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mobile browsers (Responsive Design), All other standard complaint Web Browsers.

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