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iCal Events is a PHP script to fetch an iCal-formatted calendar from anywhere online, parse it, and display the events on a website. There are three versions: - A standalone script that displays your events on a static-looking page. Easily stylable using HTML and CSS. - A WordPress plugin that displays your events in a post or page on your WordPress website. - The engine that actually works behind the scenes, which can be used to create new iCal web applications. This can be used to display events from your Google Calendar on your website. Its great for groups or organizations who want to keep an updated events page on their website, but dont want to update a static page or CMS every time an event is added/deleted/changed. Google Calendar (or another iCal-creating application) provides a nice interface for managing events, and the script just does the displaying.

iCal Events is a PHP script to fetch an ...

  • ICal Events
  • 0.30
  • Adam Wolfe Gordon
  • Linux, Microsoft Windows, Unix, Apple Mac OS
  • GPL
  • 1480

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