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HttpMaster is a debugging and testing tool for various HTTP applications and services. HttpMaster can display and validate the most common REST formats; XML, JSON, and HTML and also supports powerful dynamic parameters, request validation, and many other properties. All these core features, along with many other options, give HttpMaster capabilities for thorough HTTP testing and debugging.

HttpMaster project (hmpr file) exposes a large number of options to fine tune generated web requests, for example, to specify http method, values of http headers, global URL and query string values, content types, request encoding, and many more.

HttpMaster also supports definition of dynamic parameters which can be be used to simulate variations of input data or to create global values for reuse across multiple requests.

When executing web requests, HttpMaster allows you to monitor and review complete request and response data of each executed request.

When working with HttpMaster, you will use intuitive user interface with tabs, descriptive icons, 'quick help' buttons and integrated help.

HTTP debugging and testing tool. HttpMaster is a debugging and testing tool for HTTP applications, with special focus on REST web services, API applications, and websites. Because HttpMaster is a universal HTTP test tool it can be used with development of various application types.

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  • HttpMaster Express
  • 5.5.4
  • 20 Oct 22
  • Borvid
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
  • Freeware
  • 3.98 Mb
  • 4262
  • Free
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
5.5.4 20.10.2022 Switch to plain execution directly in the execution window
 Support for sample upload data
 Various UI enhancements and fixes.
5.5.1 06.07.2022 Improved application options management
 Enhanced functionality for excluding elements when uploading data
 Other minor fixes and improvements
5.4.0 01.02.2022 Status bar in the execution window. Runtime upgraded to .NET 4.8. Option to ensure that current item is always visible during the execution. Open project request items in basic request window with context menu. Simplified execution options menu in the main window. Other UI improvements.
4.8.1 08.03.2021 Simplified request item opening in basic request window. Easier management of global URL data in the main window. Support for additional conversion functions. Other minor improvements and fixes.
4.7.1 15.06.2020 Support for random parameters of type Guid New functions with parameters Many UI enhancements, including new environment font and improved settings New version of OpenAPI.NET library
4.5.0 10.06.2019 Select and open desired recent project in welcome window Separate window for user-friendly query string building Menu options to quickly increase or decrease item execution order Improved request body viewer in execution window UI and performance improvements when parsing OpenAPI data
4.2.0 23.10.2018 Exclude request header or request body data item in basic request window with comment (double slash) New menus in action button to escape/unescape regular expression data Numerous minor usability improvements
4.1.0 12.08.2018 Menus to insert authorization code and access token variables Show/hide column in request item list Word wrap setting applies to headers, cookies, and request body Ad-hoc word wrap switching Numerous minor usability improvements
4.0.0 16.06.2018 Get authorization code and access token from external authentication providers Improvements with status code validation Stop execution batch on validation failure Setting for autoindenting request data text Additional execution options available in the main window Documentation available online
3.9.6 04.04.2018 Set active global URL or active global query string in basic request window 'Insert GUID' command supported with actions button Minor UI improvements and various fixes
3.9.4 04.01.2018 Ability to manage list of recent project files and recent execution data files Action to quickly insert standard http header in request headers field Additional http options supported in basic request window Various UI improvements
3.9.2 14.11.2017 Create new HttpMaster project by importing Swagger (Open API) data. Minor UI improvements.
3.9 18.07.2017 HttpMaster is now dpi-aware application. Revamped icons for better user experience and improved high-dpi rendering. Option to specify URL encoding behavior on each defined parameter.
3.8 06.04.2017 Improved functionality for building request body for posting data Option to specify initial value for parameters with manually provided value Various fixes and minor improvements
3.7 02.01.2017 New parameter type that prompts user for the value before the execution Support for code folding and line numbers in pretty viewers New pretty viewer for displaying CSS Simplified opening of additional items in basic request window Specify description for every project request item
3.6 21.11.2016 New viewers for pretty data display Pretty viewer for HTML response data Apply function to parameter value Specify multiple values for global URL or query string Improved application options window with couple of new settings Advanced request item properties now available in Express Edition
3.5 05.09.2016 Build request body from an existing HTML contents New parameter type to obtain value from a disk file Simplified UI for project parameter management Hash data actions available with 'Field actions' button Change font for request/response display Hide columns in the main window and reset sizes
3.4 20.06.2016 Store credentials data in project properties Full authentication support URL Encode/Decode Tool Manage execution order with drag and drop Cookie improvements
3.3 06.04.2016 Support for any http method (verb) Option to upload selected file as Base64 string Improved welcome window Search functionality for execution data
3.2 02.02.2016 Advanced project request settings Menu option to reload project file from disk Column widths preserved between application restarts Application setting to display warning message for old projects
3.1 12.12.2015 Display a list of request items that use particular parameter Application setting to support international (non-ASCII) domain names Content type 'application/soap+xml' displayed with XML viewer by default 'Copy URL' and 'Open in browser' actions available in execution data toolbar
3.0 27.09.2015 Ability to pause and resume execution of items Open only successful/failed item executions Toggle visibility of upper/lower pane in execution window Support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 security protocols Menu to apply changes to multiple request items simultaneously
2.7 03.05.2015 Support for upload type 'multipart form data' Align execution order with the current sort order 'Available actions' buttons supported in Express Edition 'Text Viewer' for viewing response data Setting to specify location for temporary execution data Reset sizes and positions for all windows
2.6 06.03.2015 Fixed execution order index for every request item Create new project from basic request window Select non-default response data viewer Send data in segments in basic request window Time delay for the first request in execution batch Number of deleted request items in status bar
2.5 01.12.2014 Basic request feature for quick execution of simple internet requests Option to specify time delay between two consecutive requests 'Welcome window' for quick access to the most common HttpMaster actions Ability to close selected tab with double click Option to clear list of recent projects
2.4.0 01.09.2014 Open multiple executed items in execution window Improved drag and drop of request items in execution window Request data encoding information available in execution data view Correct handling of JPEG orientation metadata in response viewer
2.3.0 08.06.2014 Ability to specify proxy data, including authentication Application setting to automatically word wrap text in execution window 'Word wrap' menu option added to context menu available in execution window Double-click project file name in status bar to open its location in Windows Explorer
2.2.0 23.02.2014 Support for uploading files in request item Ability to use dynamic parameters when uploading files PATCH http method supported Check for updates at application startup Various UI improvements
2.1.0 17.11.2013 Support for gif images Custom character for decimal/digit grouping symbol Last selected parameter/validation remembered 'Rename dynamic parameter' button 'Rename request item' menu 'Copy request item URL' menu Various UI improvements
2.0.0 08.09.2013 Project wizard for creating new projects. 'Highlight unused' option in dynamic parameters toolbar. 'Delete unused' option in dynamic parameters toolbar. Number of successful/failed executions. 'Copy' and 'Select All' popup menus in execution results. Introduction of Professional Edition.

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