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Doorways 1.5 has been released now. Even more options to make it more powerful than it ever was before. Doorway pages, also called gateway pages or bridge pages, are used to achieve a better search engine ranking and can drive lots of free targeted traffic to your website(s). They can be your most advanced tool to succeed in searchengine marketing if they are done right. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is more important now, than it ever was before. Search engines are getting more intelligent day by day and itA?s a real tough game to get good listings. Doorways 1.5 is your possibility to beat the search engines easily. Many websites have been builded in a manor that makes it impossible to optimize them for better searchengine rankings and listings. Or you simply donA?t have the skills to do it yourself. And what now? There are many SEO-Companies out there which uses doorway pages to market your websites. You have to pay on a monthly base for their service and after a while you payed them a huge amount of money. But what happens if you stop your site? They control and have all the rights to your doorway pages. And they will make even more money by selling the traffic, where you paid so much for, to their next costumers. All is lost and you have to start from the scratch again. You have to pay again and again to promote your next project. ItA?s a dead end for you and very frustrating too. So, why not own your personal, extended and proven to work Doorway Page Generator? No doorway page created by Doorways 1.5 will be banned from the searchengines. All pages will be listed. Unlikely most other competitors, Doorways 1.5 will create guaranteed functional doorways as all pages have 100% unique content and will be builded from a choice of 25 different Templates. You can also add a unlimited number of own templates. Doorways 1.5 uses html layouts which can be easily edited and adapted to your sites look. All your doorway pages are highly targeted, search engine optimized and related to only one keyword or phrase. Once a visitor comes to your doorway pages, he will be redirected to your actual website immediately. With Doorways 1.5 we equipp you with a script that can virtually built hundreds or even thousands of those highly targeted doorway pages with a single click of a button. All content is builded fully dynamically and randomly for each doorway page. All created doorway pages will be indexed as they are all unique. You only submit or link to one single page and get listed with all your created doorway pages. A very easy to use interface, allows you to enter all the keywords and phrases on which you would like your doorway pages to get listed in the search engines. Press a button...thatA?s it, your doorway pages will be ceated with ease. Most of the searchengines today, will analyze your sites content for the existence of human language. We considered this and made you able to enter as much human language phrases as you want. You can enter a product and give it as much related keywords and phrases as you can find. All your product can now lead directly to the products sub-site. You can specify a own redirect-link for all product-groups or use a common link regardless of the product itself. In addition you can give your pages some external links to your own websites. External links will be displayed on all your pages. You can now specify the directory where your doorway-pages will be created. This gives you the great posibility to install Doorways1.5 within any domain(website) and rebuild the pages frequently with a single click of a button. All pages will be created within their own folders and with unique names. With Doorways 1.5 you will be able to produce your doorway pages three times and all will be unique pages with different content. You can choose now from three options on how to name your pages: /your_keyword_phrase/inde x.htm, /your_keyword_phrase/your _keyword_phrase.htm, /your_keyword_phrase.htm, Remember again, 100% of the content is generated dynamically, to make unique pages only. There will no page be like another one, so searchengines doesnA?t get bored. Easy to use interface and full intructions on how to use it. 100% automated installation for an easy setup of your script.

Doorways 1.5 has been released now. Even more ...

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