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Webix TreeTable is a JavaScript widget for when you need to combine datatable and datatree functions in one widget. This hybrid structure shares certain properties of DataTable, such as filtering, selection by cells, and data export, to Excel and PDF. Like a treeview, it enables data visualization in a hierarchical manner and restores the saved widget state.The TreeTable makes a full range of manipulations on the grid. You can easily edit its contents by clicking on one of the cells, selecting from a list with the help of a drop-down menu, or selecting/deselecting necessary items through the use of checkboxes.You can easily save the current state of a TreeTable in order to return to it later with the help of two built-in one-click functions.TreeTable allows you to specify different types of selections with the help of the following available selection modes: cell, row, column, multi cell, multi row, multi column, block selection.Treetable allows exporting its data to PDF and Excel file types for further processing. You can also define the appearance of the table after it’s exported by configuring various server-side options.Webix TreeTable enables you to make drag-and-drop operations within TreeTable, as well as between TreeTable and Datatable, List, Tree and Dataview.TreeTable actively supports all popular browsers. The widget runs effectively in IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Webix treedrid allows implementation of various touch events in your website. The mobile apps created with TreeTable’s participation look and operate ideally on all touch devices.

JavaScript hybrid of Tree and DataTable. JavaScript widget, a hybrid between DataTable and Tree. TreeTable shares properties of DataTableas like filtering, selection by cells, and data export. Like a treeview, it enables data visualization in a hierarchical manner.

treetable, javascript, widget, tree, table, sortable, data table, dynamic, selection, cross-browser

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  • 11 Jul 13
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