Stock Market Ticker v.2.1


STOCK MARKET TICKER APPLET is the perfect browser embedded tool you can enhance your site by showing real-time quotes values in a scrolling ticker that you can customize in any way. This is a java applet, so it works on every Java compatible browser. To find out more about Java, please visit

DATA SOURCE: the applet gets data from a URL (script, file etc) on the same server it is placed. We offer free fully functional script that reads data from Yahoo Finance section - 15 minutes delayed.

SUPPORT: We provide email support for installing and setting-up this ticker applet.


- real time quotes values: the applet gets the quotes values from a data feed on the server by makeing repetitive calls to the feed in order to update data. We offer a sample PHP script that provides the data from Yahoo Financial free csv. Script output is simple, custom feeds can be easily developed;

- customizable colors, fonts and size: colors and speed can be set from applet parameters; the fonts are limited to JVM set;

- customizable fields: you can select what quote fields to display (like last, change, ask, bid, etc);

- trend icons: along with the fields you can show trend icons, by setting url of images for up/down/stay trends;

- text message: you can set from applet tag a text message to appear before the quotes.

- border: you can set border color and width, or remove it

- rotation speed: you can set rotation speed (direction not supported)

- pop-up on click: you can set a web address that pop-ups when user clicks on the applet

live java scroller applet for stock quotes.

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