JavaScript Framework Shield UI v.1.7.34


The JavaScript Framework by Shield UI offers various JavaScript/HTML5 components for streamlined development. Each individual control in the ever-expanding product offering boasts excellent performance and high-level of customizability. All of this is backed by an industry leading 24/7 support packages.

The framework includes 23 different Chart types, Grid view widget, TreeMap, TagCloud, different input widgets like an editable ComboBox, ListBox, AutoComplete, Window, Tooltip, and many other plugins also available for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and JAVA Apache Wicket.

Full-featured JavaScript UI Framework. The JavaScript Framework by Shield UI offers various JavaScript/HTML5 components for streamlined development. Each individual control in the ever-expanding product offering boasts excellent performance and high-level of customization.

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  • JavaScript Framework Shield UI
  • 1.7.34
  • 04 Dec 17
  • Shield UI Ltd
  • WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64, Linux, Linux Console, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS
  • Shareware
  • 1.3 Mb
  • 3238
  • $399.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
1.7.34 04.12.2017 Added Grid support for CSV export
1.7.33 15.09.2017 Fixed Chart series selection problems in touch devices Fixed Chart datetime axis formatting issues Added Grid column groupTitle and groupHeaderTitle options and made code default to using the column title for group title, when the first two are not set Updated Grid to put edited cells
1.7.32 16.07.2017 Added allowMultiPointSelection option to Chart series settings - when set to false, will supress multiple selection. Fixed Grid footer columns in expand/hierarchical mode. Fixed Grid group panel refresh problems and Grid filter header cells misalignment when there are no records.
1.7.29 26.02.2017 Added WAI-ARIA 1.1 support. Changed CheckBox and RadioButton focused state style. Added Grid keyboard navigation. Added a Grid editRowPopup(index) function. Fixed a bug in Grid exportPdf() function. Fixed a bug which caused the enabled state of Draggable to not take effect. And more fixes.
1.7.28 10.01.2017 Added virtualRowsLoaded event for Grid, raised when virtual rows have been updated. Added selectionChanging command for Grid, fired when the selection is about to be changed. Fixed several Grid filtering bugs.
1.7.24 21.07.2016 Added Timeline widget. Added columnResize command and event to Grid. Fixed ComboBox width setting.
1.7.20 11.03.2016 Added Upload widget Added Grid column editable property Enabled drawNullValues for Chart bar series Fixed Excel and PDF export to remove non-printable characters from strings Fixed several Grid editing issues Fixed Grid visibility issues Fixed Chart image export z-indexes Fixed Split
1.7.18 15.10.2015 Added Tabs widget Added selectedRowIndices() helper method for Grid Updated selectionChanged Grid command and events to receive more parameters Fixed bugs in the Grid select() method Fixed a bug with determining Excel export column datatypes Fixed ContextMenu events issues
1.7.13 15.08.2015 Grid improvements, TreeMap data-vizualization widget, Chart fixes

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