JDataGrid v.2.6.0


JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition provides a Java data grid component, a Java spreadsheet style table, support some features such as row header, cell attributes, cell merge and split, undo and redo, find and replace, spell check, file input and export, print and print preview, 100 formulas, 20 different shapes and text, image node , pie chart, bar chart, line chart. JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition mainly used in the desk program and web browser program, directly embedded into the code source. - Freeze Window - A number of Working Table - Fill Data - Excel Formula - Pint and Print Preview - Cell Sorting - File Input and Export (xls, xml, csv, html, txt) - Cell Attributes - 100+ Formula, 20+ Shape, 3 Chart - Undo and Redo, Find and Replace, Spell Check - Royalty free distribution

JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition provides a Java ...

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