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This site offers a new Java™-based technology for programming dynamic web content. The suggested is an alternative to Java Server Pages (JSP) template approach. The major difference is in the way Java code and HTML code coexist in one source file. In case of JSP a blind substitution takes place - whatever is substituted to wherever with zero control of what we get. The Hybrid Server Pages technology introduces a strictly defined language "HybridJava" (HJ) that has both Java and HTML operators incorporated. The immediate advantage is in a dramatic reduction of junk syntax of delimiters, which often makes JSP pages hardly readable. Another obvious advantage of using a language and a compiler versus using a template engine is the possibility to check for errors (both in Java and in HTML) earlier. Besides Java and HTML constituents the HybridJava syntax incorporates a simple but powerful support for code factorization and reuse. Widgets are defined in HybridJava language without any additional programming. Unlike other user-defined tags implementations HJ widgets may have more than one insertion points, named in this case. Recursive usage of widgets is also supported. Compiler generates Java source codes, one Java class for each page with code of widgets properly incorporated. Rendering a page is about calling a static method (no instances created). The generated code is normally expected to have zero operations on strings. HybridJava language is easy to learn for those who already know both Java and HTML - a comprehensive description of the rest is only THREE pages long. As of today the technology basically does not go much beyond the niche occupied by JSP so it may be integrated with any framework currently used around JSP. That is true about both Javascript-based technologies in front of the JSP level and most of technologies behind that level.

  • Hybrid Server Pages
  • 0.88
  • hybridserverpages.com
  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
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