Typepadapp-moderation v.1.0.3


Adding moderation to MotionGet the moderation app: pip -E $VIRTUAL_ENV install -e git://github.com/sixapart/typepadapp-moderation.git#egg=typepadapp_moderationAdd the following to your urls.py:(r'^moderation', include('moderation.urls')),And include the following in your local_settings.py module:USE_MODERATION = Trueif USE_MODERATION: from settings import INSTALLED_APPS, TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS ## This is a location relative to MEDIA_ROOT and MEDIA_URL ## Make sure your web server has rights to create files there. UPLOAD_PATH = 'uploads' INSTALLED_APPS = ('moderation',) + INSTALLED_APPS TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS += ('moderation.context_processors.globals', ) ## Customize this setting if you wish to alter the options shown ## when flagging a published post or comment: # REPORT_OPTIONS = [ # ["Option label"], # ["Admin: Suppress this post immediately", 1] # ] ## Assign a Typepad Antispam API key here to make use of antispam ## filtering. # TYPEPAD_ANTISPAM_API_KEY = 'antispam-api-key' ## For selective moderation; enabling this feature will default ## moderation so that it is only done for specific users. # MODERATE_BY_USER = True ## For selective moderation; enabling this feature will default ## moderation so that it is only done for these specific post types. ## Types are: post, photo, link, audio, video, comment # MODERATE_TYPES = ('photo',)#md5=01d37fa8a2608aca34d97d34b6a845cb

Adding moderation to MotionGet the moderation ... Moderation panel for TypePad applications ...

  • Typepadapp-moderation
  • 1.0.3
  • Six Apart
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 30 Kb
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  • Free

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