Help Console v.2008


Dynamic Web-based Help Authoring Its easy to think of help systems as being static. You create a user manual for your product and youre done. The reality is that once a product is released, the documentation constantly changes. A service pack may be released for your product, a new version of Windows comes onto the market, certain help topics become outdated, etc. HelpConsole makes it easy to design and maintain help systems right from your website. Powerful and Easy to use HelpConsole 2008 was designed with ease of use in mind. Anyone within your company will be able to quickly create professional web-based help systems and PDF manuals that run in all browsers on all platforms. The true WYSIWYG design environment allows you to see exactly how the resulting help system will appear. In-place Editing Once your dynamic help system is uploaded to your website, you can quickly make changes by clicking Login and then entering your username and password. HelpConsoles powerful visual design environment and extensive features make it easy to create and integrate professional help systems for your Windows application, Web application, or online services. Using the skin designer, template designer, styles, built-in controls, etc, youll be able to customize any aspect of your help systems to meet your specific requirements and preference. Key Features In-place Editing Design and maintain your product help systems and PDF manuals right from your website using a standard browser. Centralized Authoring Host all of your product documentation on one central web server. Employees can design and maintain help systems from any office using a standard browser. Customer Customization Provide a service to your customers to allow them to create a custom version of your help system for their specific environment.

Dynamic Web-based Help Authoring Its easy to ...

  • Help Console
  • 2008
  • Extreme Ease
  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP
  • Demo
  • 10.96 Mb
  • 394
  • $99.00

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