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This is a django website with a twist: all content is stored in text files. I manage those files with git. A little script loads those files into the database and then django serves them.In fact, all of the content and its history is actually publicly available (but you don't have to make your history available in order to use this system). You can all see this an example of how to use django-gitcm.Github, of course. The code is license Affero 3 (GPL for web applications).I have also released it on PyPI if you prefer. * Your website is using django. This means that it's easy to add any functionality you want. * Out of the box, it supports: o Restructured text articles (pages such as this one) o menus o raw files o a conference system but the main point is that the architechture is easily extensible. I'm selling you an idea more than software. * yst: Uses Yaml as a language and a system of string templates. * gitwiki: A Wiki with a git back-end. Several other similar projects exist. * nesta: A ruby based CMS with text files as its backend.Because there is no web front-end to the history or even an edit button. It's git all the way. It's not friendly to non-technical users (it's very friendly for technical users???‚a€?those of us who live on the command line and don't want to have to learn a new way of doing things).Because you can store any type of data, not only hyper-text files.For example, in this website, the conferences is a django app whose data is a text file that looks like:name: International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI)short_name: ISBIlocation: Rotterdam, The Netherlandsstart: April 14 2010end: April 17 2010submission_deadline: November 2 2009followed by many more examples. Actually, the menus on this website are also saved as a yaml file, while the publications app saves its information as a bibtex file (I use exhibit for the display, but pre-process the bibtex file everytime it changes). I can write any functionality I want with django and store the information as a text file (I only have to write a load() function in Python, which can do whatever I want).This is not really comparable to wiki-git-like projects. We just have different goals.#md5=3e4fc7b3a97984aba581306ebffab4d5

This is a django website with a twist: all ... A Django-based git-backed content management system ...

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