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Blogofile is a static website compiler, primarily designed to be a simple blogging engine, that requires no database and no special hosting environment. You customize a set of templates with Mako, create posts in a markup language of your choice (see Post Content) and Blogofile renders your entire website as static HTML and Atom/RSS feeds which you can then upload to any old web server you like.Why you should use Blogofile * Blogofile is free open-source software, released under a non-enforced MIT license. * Blogofile is fast, the server doesn't need to do any database lookups nor any template rendering. * Blogofile is inexpensive to host. Any web server can host a Blogofile blog. * Blogofile is modern, supporting all the common blogging features: o Categories and Tags o Comments, Trackbacks, and Social Networking mentions (Twitter, Reddit, FriendFeed etc), all with effective spam filtering using Disqus. o RSS and Atom feeds, one for all your posts, as well as one per category. Easily create additional feeds for custom content. o Syntax highlighting for source code listings. o Ability to create or share your own plugins in your own userspace (see filters and controllers) * Blogofile is secure, there's nothing executable on the server. * Blogofile works offline, with a built-in webserver you can work on your site from anywhere. * Blogofile is file based, so you can edit it with your favorite text editor, not some crappy web interface. * Seamless Git Integration. Publish to your blog with a simple "git push". This also makes backups dirt simple.Get BlogofileBlogofile is under active development, but strives to be usable and bug-free even before the 1.0 release.Make sure you have Python and Setuptools installed. On Ubuntu you just need to run:sudo apt-get install python-setuptoolsDownload and install Blogofile with:sudo easy_install BlogofileAlternatively, here's the latest "stable" zipped release: * Blogofile 0.6.zipYou can also get the latest development source from github:git clone git://

Blogofile is a static website compiler, ... A blog engine/compiler, inspired by Jekyll.

  • Blogofile
  • 0.6
  • Ryan McGuire
  • Linux
  • Freeware
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