XML Toolkit v.2.0.2


XML Toolkit is a REALbasic plug-in for parsing and creating XML code to and from object structures. A comprehensive and customisable framework for parsing and creating XML code to and from object structures. Main features: - Fully XML 1.0 compliant. - Intuitive class structure. - Highly customisable. - Support for incremental parsing. - Automatic output formatting. - Support for HTML parsing. - Support for text encodings. - Cross-platform compatible. Enhancements: - Now compatible with RB5 - Fixed a problem that would lead to a crash in Windows builds (TextConverters only work on the Mac). - Added SetAttribute(name as string, value as variant) method to XMLElement class. Creates a new attribute if none of that name exist. - Added XMLContainer constructor which takes only source text (rather than source text and the HTML flag) and defaults to strict syntax. - Now opens files using binary stream, improving performance on large files. - Fixed an obscure bug that would occasionaly cause decoding of special characters to fail. - The documentation is now much easier to navigate.

XML Toolkit is a REALbasic plug-in for parsing ...

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