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Quick search and management for desktop windows Management software for desktop windows. Windows Hunter allows to find any exist window of any started application in Windows, no matter visible it or hidden. You can move necessary window if it inaccessible (outside of screen). Windows Hunter can help you if you work with different monitor layouts or with multi-document software (e.g. Microsoft Office applications, Photoshop, IDEA, etc). You can use quick serach by window name (you can enter only a part of name) and Windows Hunter will show you windows that contained this word only. You can show or hide any window of any application, its usefull when you cant visually find something or windows outside of screen (Commonly encountered problem for any specialist whom working on different number of monitors). Windows Hunter allows you to view all windows created by started application, no matter system or hidden window. This software will be useful for anyone who starts many applications and want rapidly find one of them or temporarily hide some applications. Also it will be good for developers and security specialists. Windows Hunter enables you to view and manipulate hidden and visible windows as well as quickly switching between windows and tasks. When filter field not empty then only windows with caption contained filter sequence will be shown. All other will be ignored. Filter can be changed runtime and list will be updated interactively. Windows Hunter supports multi-screen systems and windows grouped by corresponding monitors. This feature allows finding specified window very quickly and easy.

Quick search and management for desktop ...

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