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Advertisement is a suite of tools for increasing operating system performance. cleanly removes unwanted software from disk drives and dead references from the Windows registry. puts you in control of the Windows start up process, memory monitoring and gives you the power to customize desktop and system settings to fit your needs. features the following tools:

Clean Uninstaller - This tool is used for both correctly removing software and for monitoring changes made to the hard drive, MS Windows registry and system files during program installations.

Scan Files - This tool is used for periodic cleaning of your hard drive from dead references, junk and obsolete files produced by different software. These files and references remain on the hard disk and increase drive access time.

Scan Registry - This tool is used for periodic cleaning of the MS Windows registry from unused applications remained after uninstallation and from invalid references which decrease system speed and system loading time.

Start Up - This is a startup manager. This tool allows you to monitor, add, remove, enable and/or disable individual startup items. You can also adjust applications initialized during the loading process of the operating system.

Tweak UI - This is a set of additional adjustments related to safety, system capacity and user preferences and which are not included into basic components of MS Windows.

Increasing operating system performance. Suite of tools for increasing operating system performance. cleanly removes software from disk drives and dead references from the Windows registry. gives you control of start up process and customize system settings.

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  • 22.2
  • 15 Feb 22
  • WinTools Software Engineering
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008r2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Media Center Edition 2005, WinVista, Windows Vista, WinVista x64
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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
22.2 15.02.2022 version 22.2 (February 15, 2022) + ScanFiles algorithm was updated + spanish.chm was added + french.lng was updated
22.1 18.01.2022 version 22.1 (January 18, 2022) + ScanReg algorithm was updated + minor changes of interface + hebrew.lng was added + croatian.lng was updated
21.11 23.11.2021 version 21.11 (November 23, 2021) + Font Changer tool was added + Apply button for Net Fix tool was added + Servicing/LCU added for excludes + scan speed of Scan Files tool was increased + Scan Registry tool was updated * interface destruction bug was fixed
21.5 28.06.2021 version 21.5 (June 28, 2021) + Status Bar size was changed + menu font was updated
21.3 19.05.2021 version 21.3 (May 19, 2021) + static boxes were updated * tab problem was fixed
21.0 11.03.2021 version 21.0 (March 11, 2021) + loading speed was increased + program speed was increased + Splash Screen algorithm updated + lng-files were updated
20.12 09.12.2020 version 20.12 (December 09, 2020) * freezing bug of Dup Files was fixed * incorrect amount of enumirating files was fixed * interface bug was fixed * DestroyIcon() bug was fixed
20.9 27.10.2020 version 20.9 (October 27, 2020) + turkish.lng was updated + compiler was updated + minor changes of interface
20.7 12.08.2020 version 20.7 (August 12, 2020) + program font was changed + loading speed was increased
20.5 20.05.2020 version 20.5 (May 20, 2020) + loading speed was increased + program size was decreased
20.3 10.03.2020 version 20.3 (March 10, 2020) + Google Chrome was added to Privacy + Opera Browser was added to Privacy + FireFox was added to Privacy + MS Edge was added to Privacy * Defend button was fixed + Privacy icons were updated + lng files were updated
19.5 05.10.2019 version 19.5 (October 05, 2019) + analysing algorithm was updated + korean.lng was updated
19.3 03.04.2019 version 19.3 (April 03, 2019) + Scan Files algorithm was optimized + software compiler was updated
19.0 28.01.2019 version 19.0 (January 25, 2019) + ScanReg algorithm was updated + minor changes of interface + polish.lng was updated + turkish.lng was updated * bug of CleanUn Analyse button was fixed
18.7 11.11.2018 version 18.7 (November 11, 2018) + turkish.lng was added thanks to SALiH DRD + program compiler was changed * freezing bug of Startup was fixed
18.5 06.08.2018 version 18.5 (Aughust 07, 2018) + additional Clean Folders were added + Excludes list was updated + Scan Files busy-folders algorithm was added + *.log mask was added (disabled by default) * List View sorting bug was fixed
18.3 02.04.2018 version 18.3.1 (April 01, 2018) + Start Up manager was updated + lng files were updated * interface bug of Duplicate files tool was fixed
18.2 05.02.2018 version 18.2.1 (February 03, 2018) + Outlook mail problem was fixed + minor changes of interface + dutch(nederlands).lng was updated + french.lng was updated + polish.lng was updated + spanish.lng were updated
18.0 26.12.2017 version 18.0.1 (December 27, 2017) + Scan Files main algorithm was updated + Scan Registry main algorithm was updated + system busy files are excluded + system busy registry keys are excluded + System Status dialog was updated + System Status algorithms were updated
17.10 08.11.2017 version 17.10.1 (November 07, 2017) + Scan Files patterns were updated + TweakUI options were changed + additional dialogs were added
17.7 23.07.2017 version 17.7.1 (July 22, 2017) + additional ProgressBar for Dup Files was added + Status Bar information of Dup Files was changed + Scan Status clearing every start + lng-files were updated * Start/Stop bug of Dup Files was fixed * freezing bug of Dup Files was fixed
17.6 23.06.2017 version 17.6.1 (June 23, 2017) + MS Windows XP compatibility as normal + Polish.lng was updated * loading problem was fixed
17.5 22.05.2017 version 17.5.1 (May 22, 2017) + additional dialogs were added + Process List algorithm was changed + Kill Process algorithm was updated + sort-columns were added + Status Bar for Process List was added + Service List algorithm was updated + Polish.lng was added
17.4 27.04.2017 version 17.4.1 (April 27, 2017) + Windows 10 v.1703 compatible + 21-day trial period problem was fixed + compiler of program was updated + new sign-key was added
17.3 10.03.2017 version 17.3.1 (March 10, 2017) + main algorithms were updated + bmp-pictures were updated + minor changes of interface + lng-files were updated
17.2 26.01.2017 version 17.2.1 (January 27, 2017) + SysWOW64 path was added in Control Panel tab + Screen Savers tab was updated for Windows 10 + minor changes of interface + lng-files were updated
17.0 01.12.2016 version 17.0.0 (December 01, 2016) + program interface was updated + Tweak UI tool was updated + loading speed was increased
16.9 22.10.2016 version 16.9.1 (October 22, 2016) + Scan Registry algorithm was optimized + romana.lng was added + german.lng was updated + serbian.lng was updated
16.5 23.05.2016 version 16.5.1 (May 23, 2016) + Update dialog was changed + Start Up manager was updated * a bug with dialogs of TweakUI was fixed
16.4 20.04.2016 version 16.4.0 (April 20, 2016) + new section for Net Tweaker was added + increased speed of Scan Registry algorithm + program installer was changed to MS Windows 10 * Scan Files Start button problem was fixed * Scan Registry Uninstaller algorithm was fixed

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