Uber Project Document Management System v.1.0


Project document and management tracking system written in PHP using PostgreSQL to store user, project and document related data and MySQL to store the documents, with revision control. How to: How to setup the system: Just untar every thing in your webdirecorty: cd /var/www/html/ tar -xvzf ueber-1.0.tar.bz2 How to setup the DB: - Create ueberp user in PostgreSQL [ueberp@psql]$ psql -U admin -c "CREATE USER ueberp WITH PASSWORD ueberp CREATEDB" - Create a ueberp database in PostgreSQL [ueberp@psql]$ createdb -U ueberp ueberp - execute db-setup.psql to setup the PostgreSQL database. [ueberp@psql]$ psql -U ueberp -d ueberp -f db-setup.psql - Basic data is in db-data.psql for setting up the system [ueberp@psql]$ psql -U ueberp -d ueberp -f db-data.psql - Create a database in MySQL (i.e. ueberp) - execute db-setup.mysql to setup the MySQL database. - execute db-data.mysql to insert the basic data. Finally edit ueberp/lib/config.inc and try to log into the system (user: admin, pass: admin) Note: In order to have correct "Account Manager" and "Project Manager" entries in the projects, the acronym for the "Account Manager" must be AM and for the "Project Manager" PM.

Project document and management tracking ...

  • Uber Project Document Management System
  • 1.0
  • Alexander Meisel
  • Any Platform
  • GPL
  • 205 Kb
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