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Smart Programmers have used snippets to improve their own productivity for years. Whether they used a snippet manager that was baked into a particular IDE or editor or developed their own system of sifting through source files to find useful nuggets of code, the result is the same. Reusing code you have used or written is always better than writing it from scratch or finding it on the internet. (Google is not a snippet manager, How much time have you wasted trying remember what search keyword gave you what you were looking for?)Snip-It Pro is the best way to organize code snippets and you will be a more productive programmer because of it. Whatever editor you code in, whether it?s a fully featured Integrated Development Environment like Visual Studio and Eclipse, or a simple text editor, Snip-It Pro will make it easier to reuse your code. Snip-It Pro docks to either the left or right of your screen, allowing you to simply drag and drop code from Snip-It Pro right into your IDE. Creating snippets is just as easy. First create folders to organize your code library the way you want to. Then select the text you want to turn into a snippet and then drag it into the folder where you want to save it.If you work in a team, Snip-It Pro will make your entire team more productive. Snippets can be saved to shared network folders where multiple people can use and contribute to shared snippet folders. Snippets are saved as xml files. Just change the file attributes and permissions to control access. If your team is disconnected, use the import and export features to send collections of code snippets to team members.Snip-It Pro has an integrated search feature that makes it easy to find the snippet that you need. Just enter a keyword or phrase and Snip-It Pro will create a results folder with all matching snippets.There are many more features of Snip-It Pro. Visit to watch a demo. Try it Today!

Smart Programmers have used snippets to ...

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