RunYourAppsFromUSB v.3.0.885


RunYourAppsFromUSB 3.0.885 is a fast, reliable and easy to use program which provides a method of converting the majority of Applications, which are installed on your PC into "Portable" Applications which can "subject to their license terms" be installed on a USB Device and plugged in and run on any Windows PC( with no extra SW required on that PC).Unlike other systems it is a complete system and does not require the purchase, installation and maintenance of expensive and complex Installer SW, Server environments or Virtual Machines before it can be used. It is designed to be easy to use, (and NOT require detailed knowledge of PCs beyond what was necessary to install the Apps on the PC). The default options are suitable for the majority of Apps and where required there is the option using an "Advanced" mode to display and revise the settings.Major Features:How does "RunYourAppsFromUSB" work: It works by injecting a "Spy" routine between the Application and Windows which intercepts all the File/INIFile and Registry and redirects them, if required to replacement Files etc on the USB Device. Where necessary the Application can continue to use some of the PCs Files/Registry settings e.g Shared Database network etcInstalling an Application on USB Device. This is fully scripted and takes on average less than a hour per application.The first step is to "Capture" all the details of the Files/INIFiles/Registry Entries which are required by the Application. This is achieved by a combination of 4 waysMSI- contains details of all Files etc that were installed for the Application.Capture If the Application is not installed on PC the details of files etc before and after installation can be compared giving a list of files etc that were added.

RunYourAppsFromUSB 3.0.885 is a fast, reliable ...

  • RunYourAppsFromUSB
  • 3.0.885
  • Winok
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7
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