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Install PCBoost Software To Increase Your Computer Speed
Need For PCBoost
There is always a need for a computer user to increase the speed and performance of his computer in order to run applications like games, watch live TV channels and live streaming videos, photo editing, video production and so on. PCBoost software tool is one such software that will help you to increase the speed of the personal computer as soon as you install the software. The software is so designed that it will help to run applications that need extra processing power very easily on your computer and you will not feel the slowness in your system at all. The best part is that you need not do anything to increase the speed of your computer to play the high resolution graphic games and programs and all you need to do is to just install the PCBoost software.

What PCBoost Does?
Almost all programs and applications are fashioned to employ a marginal amount of central processing unit power which frequently extends to the processor being jobless and not utilized to its most complete potential. With the help of PCBoost software your computer is competent to make the best use of this by apportioning more central processing unit power to the presently active application program. PCBoost perpetually supervises which application program is functioning as the foreground and alive program; it then orders the central processor to grant this application program precedence over all other applications. This straight command to the central processing unit impels the application program to induce more care and promptly complete any chores that are necessitated as soon as possible. If you change over to a different program or game PCBoost at once acknowledges this interchange and apprizes the central processing unit to fix the old application program to a normal precedence and the fresh active and foreground application program to a higher priority. This overture permits the present and dynamic program to all of the time employment the most central processing unit power as attainable.

Attractive Features
PCBoost software perpetually changes over the foreground application program to employ the minimal utilized central processor core on multi-core computers; guaranteeing applications all of the time consume the most central processing unit power accessible to them. The software is well worked out to unlock the mightiness of your computer hardware and you will no more have unused central processing unit power being liquidated while you require time decisive application program to end at a faster rate. Do not hold back for programs that consume eternity to accomplish. With the help of PCBoost software applications at present function a great deal quicker and jobs are completed quicker when you take hold of the central processor with PCBoost established in your system. The software immediately makes the foreground application program execute faster by apprizing the computer C.P.U. to dedicate the application program a higher antecedence than every other applications executing in the background.

PCBoost software in addition to make the best use of multi-core central processors found in virtually every computer today. Broadly speaking the more central processing unit cores you have the quicker your computing machine will function, nevertheless nearly all application programs are not scripted to take vantage of multi-core C.P.U.s. When a multi-core central processor is noticed PCBoost immediately appraises the foreground application program to execute on a processor core that is being employed the least. For example whenever your computing machine has 2 central processing unit cores and one core is at 75% and core two is at 25%, then PCBoost software will make certain the application program will keep going on core two. This characteristic permits applications to all of the time bear the most working power accessible and immediately makes your computing machine to function quicker.

Any application program that demands undue processing powerfulness could in a flash get faster when PCBoost software is set up. It is as easy as downloading the present version of the software package, mouse clicking the set up button and permitting everything to function on its own. PCBoost's uncomplicated user interface provides you to configure it and bury it, and allow PCBoost mechanically induce your applications function at very high speed. For the power computing machine users the software does propose a lot of settings, like how quick application program ought to be sped up, which applications must be blanked out from being expedited. You will also be provided with the option of whether to set PCBoost software to kick start with Windows and you also have many a lot of additional settings for you to manipulate. You will be able to determine if you would like to polish PCBoost software or let it function on its own. The PCBoost software works fine with the beginner all the way up to proficient computer users.

• Easy to use interface and can be easily operated by beginners as well as professionals.
• Increases the central processor precedence thread of the presently active application program, providing these programs to execute faster.
• Modern perfect central processor setting mechanically adjusts applications to employ mainframe cores that are not being to the full employed.
Final Verdict
This software is best suited for people who use budgeted PC’s and will not be very useful for high end PC owners. All the applications will only work fine on personal computers that have 512 MB memory or less.

Publisher's Description

PCBoost allows you to run programs such as games, video production, photo editing software and any software that requires excessive processing power to run much faster than the software was originally designed for. With little to no effort you can instantly force programs and games to run faster on your computer without having to purchase new hardware. Most programs are designed to use a minimal amount of CPU (processor) power which often leads to the CPU being idle and not used to its fullest potential, with PCBoost your computer is able to take advantage of this by allocating more CPU power to the currently active application. PCBoost constantly monitors which application is running as the foreground and active program; it then tells the CPU to give this application priority over all other applications. This direct instruction to the CPU forces the application to get more attention and quickly finish any tasks that are required as soon as possible. If you switch to another program or game PCBoost instantly notices this change and instructs the CPU to set the old application to a normal priority and the newly active and foreground application to a higher priority. This approach allows the current and active program to always use the most CPU power as possible. PCBoost also takes advantage of multi-core processors found in most computers today. Generally the more CPU cores you have the faster your computer will operate, however most applications are not written to take advantage of multi-core processors. When a multi-core processor is detected PCBoost instantly instructs the foreground application to run on a CPU core that is being used the least. For instance if your computer has two CPU cores and core one is at 75% and core two is at 25%, then PCBoost will make sure the application will run on core two. This feature allows applications to always have the most processing power available and instantly makes your computer run faster.

Boost your computer speed and performance.

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  • PCBoost
  • 08 Dec 15
  • Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
  • Shareware
  • 4.87 Mb
  • 1806
  • $9.99
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes 08.12.2015 Added fix for a bug under Windows 10 which caused the software to report it was corrupted, this was due to files being written to the temp file and not installing the software correctly during setup. 19.10.2015 Updated to newer version of installer and fixed bug where updates were not installing correctly for certain users on Windows 8. 25.08.2015 New major version which supports Windows 10. 14.07.2015 Minor update to prepare for Windows 10 compatibility. 09.06.2015 Minor update to address the ongoing false positive warnings from AV software. 03.03.2015 Made change to serial activation and update checking code in case of a change with the server ip address so it falls back onto the domain to find updates and validate serials. 16.10.2014 Added fix where installer was showing the wrong version of Windows when installed on Windows 8.1 64bit. 04.08.2014 Added list of pirated serials into the block list. 01.07.2014 Fixed bug where users of previous installs it would show they last updated the software in the 1800 years. Should fix all known bugs with the installdate and updateddate. 02.06.2014 Changed updater to display setup during the install process to allow changes to install process and options to the end-user. 01.05.2014 Fixed another major bug with the update process that would not allow users to install updates and request they manually download and install the latest update. 20.02.2014 Updated code which handles serial number online checks, problem with how the serial was sent using the GET request and encoding of non-ascii characters. 14.01.2014 Fixed problem with the trial date check routine, fixed minor bug with controls not lining up properly, and removed code which was no longer used to lower the file size. 07.11.2013 Updated installer to new version to support Windows 8.1 features and correctly install and set permissions on files and with the registry. 30.09.2013 Added fix for some serial numbers that would not work due to unicode characters in the customers name. Fixed bug during update process that would hang and cause the updater to not update the software correctly. Changed compression level on installer to prevent error messages of not enough disk space during extraction and installation. 02.09.2013 Fixed the TrialPay free trial url on the uninstall dialog and changed the dpi settings for the promotion dialog so it displays properly on higher dpi system settings. 25.02.2013 Added fix for Windows 7 64-bit which caused crashes on computers with low resolutions set on the monitor. 04.02.2013 Added support for touch and gestures for touchscreen devices. 07.01.2013 Added small fix for the routine that determines when to trigger the trial window. 03.12.2012 Added timestamp to the installers authenticode signature, this prevents the installer from showing an expired message when the certificate expires. 05.11.2012 Updated code which checks for invalid serials and shared serials found on the internet. 01.10.2012 Removed trial restriction that limited software to a 30 day trial and would cause the software to stop functioning. 03.09.2012 Added full Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility, updated documentation and helpfile with Windows 8 support as well. 30.07.2012 Fixed false positive virus warning that Avast would show when trying to install due to the compression level used on installer. 02.07.2012 Minor update which removes some images which were no longer used, allowing the software to drop slightly in file size. 30.04.2012 Added list of serial numbers that are banned from fraudulent purchases or serials that were shared with others without a valid license. 02.04.2012 Added support for multibyte unicode characters for customers that purchase a license and serial number using localized characters. 27.02.2012 Fixed bug with our http library which would not forward to a new activation url and cause the software to crash in some cases.

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