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Keep-Alive 2 is a network and server monitoring application designed to help you pro-actively tackle problems before your users start to complain! If you run a website, look after a rack of database servers, or perhaps simply keep an eye on your home PC from work, then Keep-Alive 2 is for you.Keep-Alive 2 can monitor a device using an assortment of methods, so you'll still know if your mail server application has failed even if the server still responds to pings for instance.The product is reasonably priced at just u15 per license - and that lets you add an unlimited number of monitors! If you aren't sure yet, then please try our fully functional demo on the download page - it will work for 30 days - and see for yourself how Keep Alive 2 keeps you in touch with your systems!Keep-Alive 2 has just been recreated to work as a windows service, meaning you can install it on any machine you like and know it's working all the time - and manage it from the comfort of a pc elsewhere. We're open to new ideas - if you have ideas for new monitors or alerting methods you'd like to see, then get in touch!Current Feature list for Keep Alive 2The following monitor types are currently supported:# Ping - returns roundtrip time.# Web Server - including auth and SSL if required. Returns the page.# Microsoft SQL Server - Connect to DB using SQL or Windows auth. Retuns connection state.# Can run query and alert based on no. rows returned. MySQL - Connects to a MySQL DB, can run query and alert based on no. rows returned.# SMTP Server - Returns server header. Supports SMTP Auth. Can send test mail.# POP3 Server - Returns number and size of waiting messages# FTP Server - Returns the home directory listing. Specify login or use anon. Option for PASV mode.# Custom Port - Connects to a custom port number and returns response if any.# Windows ServicesThe following alert types are currently supported:# Messages logged to Windows Event Log.# Email alerts to one or more recipients# SMS Text Message alerts to one or more recipients using either a mobile device connected serially to the computer, or a web-based SMS provider (3rd party account needed)# System tray balloon warnings (if the console is running)Reporting options:# Two reports are currently provided - a simple statistics view for all monitors, and a more detailed one showing the failure times for monitors in a given date range.# Problems with the service are logged to the Windows Event Log

Keep-Alive 2 is a network and server ...

  • Keep-Alive 2
  • Keep Alive
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Shareware
  • 1.7 Mb
  • 286
  • $22.54

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