DeltaWalker v.1.8.5


AudienceDeltaWalker presents a compelling offer to a wide audienceSfrom savvy computer users to software professionals demanding the very best of their tools.Software professionals and Web authors will find it indispensable in performing many of their everyday tasks: * Developers can use it to compare, analyze, and merge different versions of source files. The accurate visualization of inline differences keeps it all in context and makes conducting code reviews an easier and a better informed activity. * Release engineers and managers can visualize, navigate, analyze, edit, and merge complex changes in both folder hierarchies and individual files.Legal professionals can count on a down to the letter accuracy when comparing different drafts of a legal documentSsimply copy and paste the different document versions from your word processor e.g. Microsoft Word into DeltaWalker et voila!DeltaWalker is a powerful analysis tool in the hands of scientists, researchers, and engineers when comparing text outputs and results of different experimentsSit saves time, eliminates guessing, and minimizes errors.Language translators rely on it when working with side-by-side folders containing different language versions of the same text.Comparing and Merging FilesComparing FilesDeltaWalker lets you compare just about any set of text files - plain text, software source code, XML, HTML, as well as compressed filesSBZ2, EAR, GZ, JAR, TAR, TBZ2, TGZ and ZIP.Load, or paste them, and enjoy the view. And don't worry if you accidentally attempted loading folders instead of files into the editorsSDeltaWalker would correctly recognize their types and simply open them as you intended - as folders in a folder comparison window.Merging FilesContextual merge buttons, powerful in-place editing, automatic re-comparison in the background, unlimited undo/redo all work together to bring you easy and intuitive file merging functionality.Comparing and Synchronizing FoldersComparing FoldersFolders are compared side-by-side and visualized in a way consitent with Finder. Identical files and folders are shown dimmed, bringing focus to the actual, color-coded differences.Folder and File comparison in DeltaWalker are ergonomically integrated. Double-clicking a pair of files in a folder comparison window opens them in a file comparison window just below the folder comparison.DeltaWalker Oro offers three-way folder comparison.Synchronizing foldersSynchronizing folders is powered by a flexible set of selection options and copy/move/delete operations. All operations execute on dedicated threads, keeping DeltaWalker's user interface responsive at all times.Automatic thee-way file merging (Oro Edition only) of non-conflicting differences allows you to merge even the largest files in seconds - a particularly handy feature when working on versions of files modified by two different people. Conflicting lines of text, should they be found, are clearly highlighted and brought to your attention for resolution.Automatic thee-way folder synchronizing (Oro Edition only) does the same for folders.Location TransparencyBuilt-in support for (S)FTP, HTTP(S), and WebDAV allows you to treat local and remote files and folders all the same.Protocols like SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) often offer you the same power, security, and flexibility as if you were working with a local file system. Other protocols, like FTP, may present restrictions when copying, moving, or deleting files, or setting files' timestamps. Depending on the protocol and your network's performance you may not even notice you are working with remote resources as you'd have the full range and power of comparison and merge/synchronization operations at your disposal. For instance you can open a local file, modify it and save it remotely via (S)FTP or WebDAV.Your username and password are saved in history as part of the resource URIs so that they are available to you for later use. Username and password are discreetly omitted from the URI display strings, in an effort to protect your privacy.It's Your DeltaWalkerDeltaWalker takes personalization to a new level, with customization and assistance features that let youmodify its appearence and behavior to suit both your personal preferences and the specifics of the job at hand.Attention to detail has been paid to all areas of DeltaWalker's user interface and its ability to transparently adapt to the way you work with it. From innovative idioms like local toolbars and menus used in the folder comparison window through state-of-the art graphic design and window animation, to the ability to customize anything from fonts and colors to tab positions and shortcut keys, DeltaWalker showcases a commitment to the highest standards of good user interface design.Customizable Print and Print PreviewPrinting a file or a folder comparison in DeltaWalker is a click away. A scalable print preview lets you see exactly what's going to be printed and the page setup dialog allows you to fully customize and preview your headers and footers before printing.Report GenerationDeltaWaker is capable of producing both file and folder comparison reports in HTML and XML formats. You can optionally create linked folder comparison reports which are folder comparison reports with links to individual file comparison reports. XML and HTML reports are a great way to create electronic snapshots of the differences b/n pairs of files or folders. Such snapshots can easily be stored and used to trace the change history of files of interest; they are also well suited for electronic exchange e.g. via email.

AudienceDeltaWalker presents a compelling ...

  • DeltaWalker
  • 1.8.5
  • Deltopia
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Shareware
  • 17.1 Mb
  • 192
  • $39.99

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