DBConvert for MS Access & MySQL v.7.0.1


DBConvert for Access & MySQL is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows you to convert from: * MS Access to MySQL * MS Access to MySQL Dump * MS Access to PHP Script * MS Access to MS Access * MySQL to MS Access * MySQL to MySQL. * MySQL to MySQL Dump * MySQL to PHP ScriptConvert databases from MS Access to MySQL or from MySQL to MS Access rapidly and reliably! Operate with a whole database or select only needed tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys to proceed! Reach the desired result by simply configuring of several options through Wizard interface or in command line mode! DBConvert for Access & MySQL is also applicable for MySQL database migration to another MySQL database or to MySQL server. Moreover, Access2MySQL is quite well for copying MS Access database to another MS Access database. Application Info current version 7.0.1 release date Sep 04, 2008 file size 13.11 Mb registration fee $ 79 Languages [english] [russian] [french] [german] [greek] [spanish] [italian] [danish] What's new * Data mapping feature added * Customizable data filtering Screenshots High speed data conversion and performanceTry it now and make sure that its true! DBConvert for Access & MySQL establishes a direct connection to source and destination databases. Thanks to improved quality of conversion, data is transferred much faster and more accurate in comparison with lots of universal converters which use ODBC or ADO. It is developed exactly for solving your problem with minimum effort and time!Optimal data mappingSimple data types assignment for a destination database in one touch. Just choose data types you need for the target fields or the most appropriate data types for the source type and our program will automatically transform types from one specific format to another.Safe data conversion and database integrityDont care about safety of your data. Our converter will do it for you! DBConvert for Access & MySQL supports all MySQL server and MS Access data types (including `BLOBS` and `OLE Object` packages). Primary keys, indexes and foreign keys (relations in MS Access) are supported in the best way.Conditional data migrationManage your database conversion with the help of integrated data filters. Define filtering conditions and retrieve only the specific data that you need for conversion. Due to our data filters you get more control on data migration process.Workaround problems with firewalls and access rightsUse our workarounds as MySQL Dump and PHP Script if you dont have a direct access to MySQL server! MySQL Dump can be used if you have no direct access to MySQL server, but can execute SQL-scripts, for example through phpMyAdmin or other tools. PHP Script is used if you dont have a direct access to the MySQL server, but have an ftp and PHP access. DBConvert for Access & MySQL generates a PHP-script that contains database info inside and can be executed on the server to put database there.Full UNICODE architecture supportDBConvert for Access & MySQL is based on full Unicode architecture with multibyte character sets support. It is compatible with a lot of character sets (including Unicode utf-8) and associated standards.Savable sessionsSave your sessions and use them again if you do not want to loose time for configuring source, destination database and other customizations for conversion process.Command line modeRun DBConvert for Access & MySQL as a part of your automate solution to activate it from a command line with saved session name as a parameter.Flexible SchedulingRaise the productivity of your work up. Conversion and synchronization task managing is performed in all DBConvert tools with built-in Scheduling stage. Using sessions and batch files as parameters the scheduled tasks will automatically work as services in background mode giving you an opportunity to keep them unattended.User-friendly interfaceUser-friendly interface is the outcome of the combined efforts of our team in the field of software usability plus Graphic User Interface design. Working with the converter is specially divided into several stages so the most complex issues of the conversion process are broken down into manageable parts. All documentation is provided with the software for your convenience.Features * Interactive (GUI) mode / command line mode; * Saving data into a MySQL Dump and PHP script for export to MySQL database; * Support for MS Access Work Groups; * Feature to replace symbols in names of tables and fields (which are required not to be used as they are the symbols reserved for DBMS internal purposes) with a substitute symbol; * Automation of the conversion process with task scheduler; * Ability to select ISAM, MYISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB table types when copying data to MySQL or MySQL Dump; * Unicode Support/Connection character sets support: LATIN1, LATIN2, LATIN5, LATIN7, ARMSCII8, ASCII, CP1250, CP1251, CP1256, CP1257, CP850, CP852, CP866, DEC8, GEOSTD8, GREEK, HEBREW, HP8, KEYBCS2, KOI8R, KOI8U, MACCE, MACROMAN, SWE7, TIS620, UTF8 (unicode charset); * Primary keys and Indexes support ; * Foreign keys (relations) support; * Advanced customization options: - partial selection for database objects to be converted; - database objects (tables, fields, indexes, foreign keys) tuning up before conversion; - detection of possible conversion errors on customization stage. * Sessions support - all your settings can be saved and restored later; * `ENUM` and `SET` MySQL database types support; * `GUID` Access database type support; * `OLE Object` packages support; * Ability to connect to MySQL database servers located on all Unix-like and Windows machines. * Skins support; * Multilanguage Support (English/French/Russian); * 1-year free upgrades. Requirements * Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT (NT only with Internet Explorer 4.01) * At least 32 MB of RAM * Necessary privileges to write into database on the target MySQL server (this requirement is optional as there is an option to overcome the restrictions using dump file or PHP Script ).

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  • DBConvert for MS Access & MySQL
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