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AptEdit Lite is a 32-bit, full-featured text, hexadecimal, and web editor. It offers many powerful features to view and edit just about any text or binary file, and it's an excellent source editor for Web page authors, developers, and programmers.AptEdit Lite can be installed on FLASH or other portable drives. All user configurations are saved in the movable drive. You can carry AptEdit Lite with you wherever your travels or business take you and run it on almost any computer.AptEdit Most Powerful Features * View and edit any file on your hard drive (unlimited file size). * Powerful Binary(HEX) Template technology allows you to understand any binary file format. * View and edit your local drive (Logical / Physical). * Visual Files Comparison can compare two text / binary files, and also can merge the difference for text files comparison. * HTML editor, HTML Toolbar and seamless Web browser. The HTML Toolbar allows you to insert common HTML tags quickly and easily. Seamless web browser for previewing the content of your HTML document without leaving the editor. * Customizable Full-Screen scheme, supporting Terminal Editor. * Checksum / Hash Calculator supports checksum(8/16/32/64), CRC-16, CRC-16-CCITT, CRC-32, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, FCS-16, FCS-32, GOST-Hash, HAVAL-5-256, and TIGER. * Powerful Column Editing features. * Portable / USB stick editing. * Convert data between ASCII, EBCDIC, and UNICODE formats. * Code Folding for most syntax languages. * Search and replace supporting Perl-Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE).Key Features for HEX / Drive EditorAptEdit is an excellent professional HEX/drive editor. Its HEX features can help you quickly and easily edit the contents of binary files. Powerful Binary Template technology allows you to understand any binary file format.HEX/Drive Editor and Binary TemplateHEX/Drive Editor and Binary Template * View and edit binary files with the Binary(HEX) template. * View and edit your local logical (physical) drives. * View and edit any file on your drives. * Data interpreter. * Visual binary files comparison. * Checksum/Hash Calculator. * Binary Edit. * Unlimited file size(>4G). * Copy HEX text as C/Java/C#/Pascal data array. * Export HEX text to text file. * Import HEX text and ASCII characters from clipboard. * Unlimited undo and redo. * Find HEX text or ASCII characters. * Color highlighting changed bytes. * View and output the integer/float-point number list. * Checksum/Hash Calculator.Key Features for Web page authors and programmersText/Html/Programmer EditorText/Html/Programmer EditorTerminal EditorTerminal EditorSeamless Web browserSeamless Web browser * Syntax Highlighting for C/C++, Java, C#, Scala, Perl, Ruby, Python, Pascal, XML, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, JSP, PHP, CSS, Visual Basic, SQL, INI and MASM. * Syntax Highlighting As can designate a syntax highlighting language for the active file. * Customizable color scheme. * Customizable Full-Screen scheme and Terminal Editor. * Visual Text files comparison and merging. * Code Folder for most syntax languages. * Source code folding, supports HTML file. * Spell checker for English language. * Auto-Completion. * Function List. * Open include file for C/C++. * Powerful column / block edit mode. * Full Unicode support, and any encoding supported by the OS. * Highlights URL and e-mail address in normal text files and lets you activate them with 'Ctrl+Left-Clicking '. * Color syntax highlighting. * Color syntax printing. * Color highlighting changed lines. * Highlights matching bracket. * Incremental Find (new). * Find / Replace in files. * Perl-Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE). * Open and edit files via FTP. * HTML editor, HTML Toolbar, and seamless Web browser. * Convert text file view into html file (WYSIWYG). * Fixed Width (Column) Character Delimited (CSV). * Column Alignment (left, center, right). * EBCDIC ASCII. * OEM ANSI. * Customizable keyboard shortcuts. * Executes user commands. * Number Converter. * Customize Toolbars (new

AptEdit Lite is a 32-bit, full-featured text, ...

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