Aloaha PDF Suite v.3.9.93


Aloaha PDF Suite 3.9.93 is an effective tool which is developed as the ultimate program to create vector based, high resolution PDF Documents.Your PDF Documents are just one click away. Just press the print button and get your PDF as file or e-mail. Aloaha PDF files preserve the look and integrity of your original documents, and you can share them with anyone electronically, regardless of hardware and software platforms.Major Features:Creates vector based, high resolution PDF Documents.Searchable.: Aloaha PDF files are searchable for words appearing in the text.40 Bit and 128 Bit encryption supported: Nobody can edit/change your documents. Document proof!JPG and JPG2000 compressionPDF OptimizerRFC 3161 compatible timestampsDigital Signatures: Nowadays it is a legal requirement in most countries that electronic documents have to be signed digitally. Long Term Signatures: Using Aloaha you can sign and time-stamp PDF documents for long-term validation purposes (e.g. over 7 years in case of many financial applications or 30 years in case of SigG). Aloaha is unique in supporting advanced digital signatures which include embedded RFC 3161 compliant secure timestamps. Such signatures can be verified even after the signer's certificate expires or is revoked.Supports PC/SC compatible Smartcard ReaderSmartCard Support: Aloaha supports all Smartcards via CSP. A broad range of cards can be accessed native without having a working CSP installed.Aloaha CustomSigner Plugin: With Aloahas plugin technology it is possible to connect any PKI Infrastructure directly into Aloaha.PDF-Signature Interchange Standard compatible.Adobe.PKKMS compatibleCounter-Sign already Adobe.PPKMS signed documents: Contract for example require more than one signature. Obviously Aloaha supports more than one signature/document.Document protection.: Aloaha Document protection covers document security and DRM (Digital Rights Management). Document security focuses on the protection of content fidelity. Aloaha PDF Suite can be used to prohibit the extraction of text or images or disallow printing. By contrast, DRM focuses on limiting the distribution of documents and the protection of intellectual property.Easy to use: Aloaha PDF files have more features to enhance usability than PDF files created from non-Aloaha applications " embedded fonts, color profile information for more accurate color rendition across different systems, as well as tags in the document that reflow the pages for different screen displays.Automatic font embedding: Non standard Fonts can be embedded fully automatically.No Special Printer Driver or PDF Printer Driver needed.Archives all your printouts to a public folder, directory or mailbox.Attach PDFs to email after creation! MAPI, WebDAV and SMTP Mailer included. Active Directory User lookups to email back the document to the creator in server mode.No size limits. Just convert your 1 m x 1 m technical CAD drawings into PDF. A0-A9, B0-B9, C0-C9, Letter, Custom Page Size, etcShare documents with anyone. Anyone can open PDF documents on any system " regardless of the software platform, the original application, or the availability of specific fonts " using free Adobe Reader® software.Automatic Imposition of Stationery and Letterhead.Watermarking/Letterhead and Stationary included.Preview Function.Allows you to monitor and view your printer queue/s.Preserve the look and integrity of your original documents.PDF files look exactly like the original pages and fulfill requirements for electronic filing and document security.Can be used as a forensic tool to view printed queues (SPL)Automatic text summarization of PDF documents.Embedded mailcommands such as emailto, emailfrom, emailcc will be detected and executed.PDF Editor included. Ideal for document workflow.PDF Attachments: One underrated feature of PDF is its ability to act as a container for other files. One example of where this could be useful would be attaching the original Word, Excel or other source files to the final PDF document, allowing it to be more readily updated. Since it is possible to attach literally any type of file, the PDF can also act as a secure delivery medium for sensitive or commercial content. You can just drag and drop your files to be attached on the preview screen and Aloaha will embed them into your PDF.No Adobe Acrobat or PDF libraries needed!Support for Windows Terminal ServerSupport for Citrix MetaframeRequirements:Any NT based operating system such as NT4, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 is supported.If you need to use the Aloaha FAX Connector please note that it supports only Windows XP and Windows 2003. Support for Wndows 2000 is currently under development.

Aloaha PDF Suite 3.9.93 is an effective tool ...

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  • Aloaha PDF Suite
  • 3.9.93
  • Aloaha
  • Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows Me, Window
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