AgaueEye v.0.50


a free hardware monitor for Windows, you can see your CPU/GPU/MB/HDD/RAM state in desktop or overclock your GPU, AgaueEye also support in-game overlay for popular games, so you can monitor the hardware state in games(over 3000 games supported now), then inspect the performance. support popular graphics engines (DirectX 8,9,10,11,12 and OpenGL)

What's AgaueEye?

AgaueEye is a hardware monitor with in-game overlay tools for Windows, with AgaueEye, you can monitor your hardware, like CPU/GPU/MB/HDD/RAM states, and display overlay when you playing games, AgaueEye also record the states for post analysis.

about hardware monitor

AgaueEye provides full funcional hardware montior, include CPU/GPU/MB/DRAM and more, in desktop, you can quick inspect CPU/GPU state. when you playing game, AgaueEye in-game overlay will display hardware information, and all hardware state will be record, you can analysis later.

hardware informations, gpu overclocking, in-game overlay, hardware monitor

  • AgaueEye
  • 0.50
  • 07 May 18
  • XOptiray
  • Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinOther
  • Freeware
  • 21.96 Mb
  • 1062
  • Free
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
0.50 07.05.2018 1.refine Ryzen/Ryzen 2 temperature offset. 2.add override VSYNC setting, in DX10,11,12, OpenGL, it accroding VSync, for DX8, DX9, it meaning 30fps base, 1 = 60, 2 = 30, 3 = 20
0.46 09.04.2018 1.improve performance, reduce cpu usage. 2.Lighting support for ASUS Aura enabled motherboard 3.improve silent of game process detection of notification 4.suppress single-core notification if total core reach the limit. more motherboards, like ASUS F2A85-M temperature/voltage detect. 6.more games support. 7.minor bugs fixed
0.43 15.03.2018 1.fix crash if DRAM not parsed of Advanced Hardware Monitor window 2. add Ryzen offset(+20 C) option if need, you can turn on that via setting window 3. more Games support
0.42 15.03.2018 1. fix temperature/voltage not display in some H110/B250 motherboards(ASUS/MSI) 2.more games support 3.minor bugs fixed
0.41 01.03.2018 1.fix AMD Ryzen CPU package temperature wrong since 0.39 2.more games support 3.minor bugs fixed
0.40 12.02.2018 1.address AMD CPU/APU problem 2.more games support 3.minor bugs fixed
0.39 05.02.2018 1.fix 0.38 crash on Windows 7 2.fix some NVIDIA Card Default clock not detect 3.minor bugs fixed
0.38 17.12.2017 1. new dark theme ui style 2. the part window now is lockable, once it lock, it will auto show when application start 3. add chart window, include CPU/GPU and FPS 4. improved global FPS Report 5. integrated developer mode, now you can put your data into game screen we support 6. more games support, now over 3500 games supported 7. fix NVIDIA new driver cause clock detect wrong. 8 minor bugs fixed
0.37 17.12.2017 1.add framerate graph in overlay
0.36 26.11.2017 1. add framerate graph in overlay

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