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GFI WebMonitor 2011 is a smart and robust program which is able to monitor Internet access, report on users website browsing habits and downloads, while providing web security features such as antivirus, malware and phishing protection in real-time for SMEs, using multiple antivirus engines.Giving IT administrators a comprehensive view which can be used to enhance employee productivity, its reporting capabilities allow companies to effectively enforce an Internet usage policy because restrictions can be placed on adult, social networking (Facebook, MySpace), online gaming, personal email and other non-work-related sites, as well as MSN chat, whilst also allowing time or bandwidth based quota usage.GFI WebMonitor provides URL coverage for over 205,000,000 domains. Through user and site bandwidth monitoring features, the administrator has the ability to track download and upload traffic and the number of URL hits over time. Capabilities also include the prevention of data leakage through socially-engineered websites and the ability to interrupt or stop a connection in real time.Benefits:Increase productivity and reduce cyberslacking " time wasted by employees online " through granular monitoring and management of employee web browsing habitsFormulate and enforce an effective Internet Usage PolicyMaximize available bandwidth by controlling what type of sites can be visited, setting time and bandwidth thresholds, and through proxy cachingProtect the network from dangerous downloads in real time by managing what type of files users can download and benefitting from multiple antivirus engines to scan for viruses and other malwareBlock socially-engineered phishing scam websites and prevent data leakage through such sitesScan HTTPS-encrypted traffic for additional security.Major Features:GFI WebMonitor™ is available in three editions:WebFilter Edition: Includes time- and bandwidth-based browsing control, as well as website categorization and URL filteringWebSecurity Edition: Includes download control, virus scanning through multiple anti-virus engines, anti-phishing and MSN/Live Messenger controlUnifiedProtection Edition: Combines both WebFilter and WebSecurity editionsThe features below are available in all editions. Features available exclusively in a particular edition are listed further down on this page.Controlled Access to the Configuration and Monitoring InterfaceGFI WebMonitor allows you to select which users can access the program"s configuration and monitoring interfaces. You can assign rights based on either the IP of the computer from which access is being made or the domain-authenticated username of the client trying to load the configuration. Only users in GFI WebMonitor"s authorized users or IP list will be given access.Monitor or Block a Connection in Real TimeAdministrators can see what websites users are currently browsing and what files are being downloaded. An active connection, browsing session or download can easily be blocked, simply by clicking the block connection icon. This proves very useful if you need to interrupt the download of an overlarge file.Top Policy BreakersGFI WebMonitor reports details on all users who were stopped by GFI WebMonitor from breaching your company's Internet Usage Policy. Such breaches may include browsing restricted sites, downloading of malware infected files or file types that are blocked through download control policies.Monitor Hidden DownloadsGFI WebMonitor can be configured to display a download progress window while a file is being downloaded and scanned. The file can then be obtained by clicking the "Save" button in the download progress window. Some pieces of malware rely on the ability to download further files from the web to complete their infection of a computer. Not being aware of the GFI WebMonitor download progress window and not being able to get past it, such pieces of malware are blocked in their tracks. Download progress windows for which the file is not retrieved can be monitored so as to identify infections with such malicious applications performing "hidden downloads" " which can include Trojans, spyware and others.Allow Exceptions Through Whitelist and BlacklistAny URL or user or IP can be added permanently or temporarily to the whitelist or blacklist which will supersede all web filtering and web security policies. For example, you could temporarily grant access to a particular user for his or her personal webmail account for a specified period of time, say over employee lunch breaks.Proxy CachingGFI WebMonitor implements caching, such that files and other objects/resources are delivered to the end-user from a cache on the GFI WebMonitor machine when possible, thus improving performance and reducing bandwidth consumption.HTTPS ScanningGFI WebMonitor can decrypt SSL-encrypted web traffic, scan its contents for malware, and re-encrypt it. This extends the granularity of filtering and control offered by GFI WebMonitor through download control and virus scanning policies to such encrypted traffic.Support for Virtual EnvironmentsOrganizations that are currently using or plan to use virtualization on their network can still install and use a range of GFI products with confidence. GFI WebMonitor supports and runs on the most common virtualization technologies in use, namely VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server and Microsoft Hyper-V.Features of GFI WebMonitor - WebFilter EditionTime-based Browsing PoliciesWith GFI WebMonitor, an administrator can define policies based on browsing time. For example, the administrator can allow User X to browse news category sites for only one hour per day. When users exceed their time allowance threshold, a notification page is displayed informing them that their allowed browsing time has been used up. Such policies can be defined for specific websites or entire categories of websites.Bandwidth-based Browsing PoliciesThe administrator can also define policies based on bandwidth thresholds. For example, the administrator can allow User X to download a maximum of 100 MB per week. When users exceed their bandwidth threshold, a notification page is displayed informing them that their bandwidth quota for the defined period has been reached. These policies, too, can be defined for specific websites or entire categories of websites.WebGrade™ Database Coverage of over 205m URLsGFI WebMonitor allows you to define web browsing policies restricting access to particular categories of websites to time or bandwidth thresholds of your choice, on a per user or per IP basis.The WebGrade database offers coverage of over 205 million domains and extensive URL coverage across multiple languages. Due to the constantly changing nature of the web, GFI WebMonitor also queries GFI servers for categorization of URLs that are not found in the local cached database. If a URL is found to be uncategorized, it is processed by the server and added to the database. Click here to learn about the URL classification process for the GFI WebMonitor WebGrade DatabaseWebFilter Policy ExceptionsApart from a generic blacklist/whitelist, the administrator can also define site exceptions for each particular policy. Mitigate Legal LiabilityWithout the ability to exercise some form of management over what your users are browsing, you leave yourself open to legal liability in a variety of ways.

GFI WebMonitor 2011 is a smart and robust ...

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  • GFI WebMonitor
  • 2011
  • GFI Software
  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000
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