Avast! v.2.74


avast! 2.74 is released to provide users with a complete antivirus solution for Mac systems and their PC using friends. avast! antivirus Mac Edition provides a complete enterprise-class anti-malware solution for the Mac platform that protects users valuable and irreplacable data and programs.While also protecting Mac users direct data and programs, avast! Mac Edition also helps to prevent the passing on of virus infectors to their PC using friends and collegues, by detecting such threats, that might be innocuous on the Mac platform, but can be passed on to other platforms in heterogeneous environments. avast! comes as a universal binary, deployable against both PowerPC and Intel platforms of the Mac, running OS X 10.4 or later.avast! provides a central scanning service with adjustable priority and remote accesability, with access via TCP or UNIX sockets. The products modular architecture means the GUI can adopt new features provided by the scanning deamon architecture automatically.avast! Mac Edition allows autorun after start, on-demand, on access and mail antivirus protection. Chesting and repair tools are built in. avast!s legendary unpacker/packer/archive support is also fully supported on the Mac platform.avast! Mac Edition supports standard template pre-setup for most needed / wanted preferences, to make installation and use, particularly in a corporate environment, painless and industry leading in approach. avast! antivirus Mac Edition offers a complete antivirus, antispyware and antimalware solution for the Mac platform.Major Features:Full on-access scanning - which scans files as you access them, to make sure they are safe from infectionOn-demand scanning - for scheduled or ad-hoc scans of your system volumesMail protection - integrated mail protection can stop infection at one of the most vulnerable access vectorsVirus Chest - a safe storage place for infected or suspected files, where they cannot harm your systemFully automatic updating - of the program and virus definitionsFull scanner preference control - set avast! to work in the way you wantUnder-the-hood technology features:Native execution of virus database on Intel platform Macs, with fast emulation on PowerPC of assembler-level partsMulti-threaded scanning daemonIndustry leading unpacker support (for archives)Able to upgrade the definitions database, even while doing background scanningApplication itself multi-threadedFail-safe updating architecture (if the daemon fails to do an update, the main application will do it instead)Kernel extension architecture for capturing after-close events on modified filesOptimized software architecture, including non-blocking system callsEntire avast! Mac Edition performance approach - the program is designed for speed and non-degraded system performance: you can run avast! and edit or work with large resource hungry applications with no or very little system performance issues Requirements: Intel-based Mac (or PowerPC G3 or higher)128 MB Ram (256 MB pref)50 MB free space

avast! 2.74 is released to provide users with ...

  • Avast!
  • 2.74
  • ALWIL Software
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Trial
  • 12.4 Mb
  • 990
  • $35.95

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