WinTrezur v.1.0.8k


WinTrezur is a nice encryption program than protects photos and other files inside strong encrypted A2R archives so that individual files and their properties cannot be seen by non-authorized people. Images and text files can be viewed directly with build-in viewers, whereas other file types can be opened with external installed applications.

Every file inside an A2R archive is encrypted with a different key derived from user password. The archive header is also encrypted. There are no identifying bytes inside the archive file, so no one call tell whether a file is an encrypted A2R archive, or whether it just contains random data.

Archives can be directly browsed and modified, as if they contain normal folders and files, if you know their original password. New files can be appended and existing ones can be removed at any time. Files can be also copied from one archive to another, being re-encrypted on the fly.

There are several well-known encryption algorithms to choose from, such as AES, or Blowfish, and they can be even cascaded together in user-defined chains, with optional compression. Full CBC mode encryption over entire file contents is done, so that no patterns of the original data remain visible.

Data can be accessed only through the original password. The password can be inserted directly, or via a mouse only keyboard to avoid key loggers. The content data of one or more existing files can be used also as password.

WinTrezur is a nice encryption program than ...

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  • WinTrezur
  • 1.0.8k
  • 19 Jun 12
  • MyPlanet Software
  • Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Vista64, 7, 7x64
  • Freeware
  • 263
  • Free

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