TypeRecorder X v.2.12


TypeRecorder X 2.12 is a tool to support anyone doing a lot of typing. TypeRecorder X automatically saves all work to a daily log file, which can be retrieved in the event of an application or computer crash---or if any sort of work is accidentally deleted or modified. Because TypeRecorder X records all keystrokes along with the applications they were typed in and the time they were typed, it is easy to reconstruct any lost work, or go back to an earlier draft of a document. Even if you forget to save, TypeRecorder will always be recording. TypeRecorder X also provides a comprehensive record of computer use, and allows you to always look back and see what you (or somebody else) were doing on a specific date. Since TypeRecorder stores everything as text, a year's worth of computer activity can be stored in just a few megabytes, and searched in a few seconds. TypeRecorder X works on the operating system level, so it records everything irrespective of which user is logged in. It is also highly configurable, so you can specify a password, recording interval time, recording data directory, and so on. Enhancements: Logs are now encrypted.Hotkey accessible.Rewritten from scratch in Cocoa.Completely compatible with Panther.Records foreign keystroke layouts and characters.

TypeRecorder X 2.12 is a tool to support ...

  • TypeRecorder X
  • 2.12
  • Rampell Software
  • Mac OS X
  • Commercial
  • 977 Kb
  • 102
  • $34.99

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