McAfee AVERT Stinger v.


Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses.McAfee AVERT Stinger is not a substitute for the full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool that assists administrators and users when dealing with an infected system.Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and scan performance optimizations. This version of Stinger includes detection for all known variants : BackDoor-ALI BackDoor-AQJ BackDoor-AQJ.b BackDoor-CEB BackDoor-CEB!bat BackDoor-CEB!hosts BackDoor-CEB.b BackDoor-CEB.c BackDoor-CEB.d BackDoor-CEB.dll BackDoor-CEB.dr BackDoor-CEB.e BackDoor-CEB.f BackDoor-CEB.sys BackDoor-CFB BackDoor-JZ BackDoor-JZ.dam BackDoor-JZ.dr BackDoor-JZ.gen BackDoor-JZ.gen.b Bat/Mumu.worm Downloader-DN.a Downloader-DN.b Exploit-DcomRpc Exploit-DcomRpc.b Exploit-DcomRpc.dll Exploit-Lsass Exploit-Lsass.dll Exploit-MS04-011 Exploit-MS04-011.gen HideWindow HideWindow.dll IPCScan IRC/Flood.ap IRC/Flood.ap.bat IRC/Flood.ap.dr IRC/ IRC/ IRC/ NTServiceLoader ProcKill PWS-Narod PWS-Narod.dll PWS-Narod.gen PWS-Sincom PWS-Sincom.dll PWS-Sincom.dr W32/Anig.worm W32/Anig.worm.dll W32/Bagle W32/Bagle!eml.gen W32/Bagle!pwdzip W32/!src W32/Bagle.dldr W32/Bagle.dll.dr W32/Bagle.eml W32/Bagle.fb!pwdzip W32/Bagle.fc!pwdzip W32/Bagle.fd!pwdzip W32/Bagle.fe!pwdzip W32/ W32/Bagle.gen W32/Bagle@MM!cpl W32/Blaster.worm W32/Blaster.worm.k W32/Bropia.worm W32/Bugbear W32/Bugbear.a.dam W32/Bugbear.b!data W32/Bugbear.b.dam W32/Bugbear.gen@MM W32/Bugbear.h@MM W32/Bugbear@MM W32/Deborm.worm.ah W32/Deborm.worm.gen W32/Doomjuice.worm W32/Dumaru W32/ W32/ W32/Dumaru.dll W32/Dumaru.eml W32/Dumaru.gen W32/Dumaru.gen@MM W32/Dumaru.w.gen W32/Elkern.cav W32/Elkern.cav.c W32/Elkern.cav.c.dam W32/Fizzer W32/Fizzer.dll W32/FunLove W32/FunLove.apd W32/Gaobot.worm W32/Harwig.worm W32/IRCbot W32/IRCbot.worm W32/IRCbot.worm.dll W32/Klez W32/Klez.dam W32/Klez.eml W32/Klez.gen.b@MM W32/Klez.rar W32/Korgo.worm W32/Lirva W32/Lirva.c.htm W32/Lirva.eml W32/Lirva.gen@MM W32/Lirva.htm W32/Lirva.txt W32/Lovgate W32/Mimail W32/Mimail.c@MM W32/Mimail.c@MM W32/Mimail.i!data W32/Mimail.q@MM W32/MoFei.worm W32/MoFei.worm.dr W32/Mumu.b.worm W32/Mydoom W32/Mydoom!bat W32/Mydoom!ftp W32/Mydoom.b!hosts W32/Mydoom.dam W32/Mydoom.t.dll W32/Mytob W32/Mytob.gen@MM W32/Mytob.worm W32/MyWife W32/MyWife.dll W32/MyWife@MM W32/Nachi!tftpd W32/Nachi.worm W32/Netsky W32/ W32/Nimda W32/Nimda.dam W32/Nimda.eml W32/Nimda.gen@MM W32/Nimda.htm W32/Pate W32/Pate!dam W32/Pate.dam W32/Pate.dr W32/Polip W32/Polip!mem W32/Polybot W32/Polybot.bat W32/Sasser.worm W32/Sasser.worm!ftp W32/Sdbot W32/Sdbot!irc W32/Sdbot.bat W32/Sdbot.cli W32/Sdbot.dll W32/Sdbot.dr W32/Sdbot.worm W32/Sdbot.worm!ftp W32/Sdbot.worm.bat.b W32/Sdbot.worm.dr W32/Sdbot.worm.gen W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.a W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.b W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.c W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.d W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.e W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.q W32/Sober W32/Sober!data W32/Sober.dam W32/Sober.eml W32/Sober.f.dam W32/Sober.g.dam W32/Sober.q!spam W32/Sober.r.dr W32/Sober.r@MM W32/Sobig W32/Sobig.dam W32/Sobig.eml W32/Sobig.f.dam W32/Sobig.gen@MM W32/Spybot.worm W32/SQLSlammer.worm W32/Swen W32/Swen@MM W32/Yaha.eml W32/Yaha.gen@MM W32/Yaha.y@MM W32/Yaha@MM W32/Zafi W32/Zafi.b.dam W32/Zindos.worm W32/Zotob.worm W32/Zotob.worm!hostsNote: Windows ME and XP utilize a restore utility that backs up selected files automatically to the C:_Restore folder.The filename has been changed from "stinger.exe" to "s-t-i-n-g-e-r.exe" to circumvent anti-stinger tactics used by Sober.p.This means that an infected file could be stored there as a backup file, and VirusScan will be unable to delete these files. You must disable the System Restore Utility to remove the infected files from the C:_Restore folder.

Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to ...

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