MAXA Security Tools Lite v.2


MAXA Security Tools Lite 2 is specially designed to be a comprehensive package containing multiple tools for computer security in Windows and consists of the following modules: MAXA Crypt SE: Allows 256 bit-strong encryption and decryption of texts or multiple files into one encrypted file. When encrypting text, the software is compatible to the online interface.Steganography: Hide files into JPEG images and WAVE audio files. These container files will remain unsuspicious.File Manipulator: Change file preferences such as date of creation and size and securely erase files so that they cannot be recovered any more.Evidence Remover: Remove traces of visited websites, opened documents, and similar by one mouseclick.Document Cleaner: Clear sensitive information out of Word documents before you distribute them.Password Generator: Create secure passwords automaticallySecureEdit: Create documents containing formatted text and images that can be redistributed in an encrypted executable container file.MAXA-Lock: Lock your computer while you are away and be alarmed by Email, Skype or SMS if someone tries to gain access to it.Major Features:MST (MAXA-Crypt SE):Worldwide number ONE in Data ProtectionA practical security level of 100%An intelligent encryption algorithmConstant 256-bit key lengthPossiblity to distribute the security among multiple keysSecure, bi-directional conversion mechanismNo format or size limitations for the encrypted fileEncryption of very large filesMinimal encryption overheadHigh size-reduction factorHigh processing speedVariable file name- and extension-encryptionFurther processing options with SteganographyHide in pictures (JPG / JPEG) and audio files (WAV)An automated High Tech pass-phrase generator for internal use with MC SEAn intelligent pass-phrase generator with Salt-function for external use with Windows,Smart file manipulationSecure deletion ("shredding") of filesVirtual keyboardEncrypted print-outNo "Back Door Key" possibleOnline Email Encryption/DecryptionMultilingual (German, English, Spanish, French)MST (Trace Remover):Removes traces of Windows activities and online leftoversRemoves ALL unwanted traces of Windows Word editingMultilingual (German, English, Spanish, French)MST (SecureEdit):World"s first Text & Grpahics to EXE with 100% encryptionMobile security containerCalculation functions for numbers theoryChecksum calculations to uncover data file changesColour-coding tables for visual access-controlTime calculationsAT&T signalsFrequency generatorFrequency variationsSupports ZIP extention tooMultilingual (German, English, Spanish, French)MST (MAXA-Lock):World"s first real time access controlAnti-Icon-Mode for Airline travellersAutomatic access controlSoft lockIntuitive user guidanceInternet-integrationScreen-saver emulationInfo-screenMulti-media supportSkype-integrationMultilingual (German, English, Spanish, French)EnhancementsRevised Interface: More user ergonomics by concentrating the modules into one interface.Multiple Passphrases: Enhance the security of the encryption by using multiple passphrases, that you can distribute among trustees, so that the decryption can only be done, if all trustees are willing to give their passphrase.Encryption via context menu: Encrypt files and directory structures directly from their Windows-Explorer context menu.French: Support of french as new language.

MAXA Security Tools Lite 2 is specially ...

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