Keyboard and Mouse Recorder v.5.1


Keyboard and Mouse Recorder 5.1 is specially designed to be used when you want to record your keyboard keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks, you want to save them and to replay them whenever you want, as much as you want, In loop, you need to test the endurance of the graphical interface of an application, you have repetitive tasks to accomplish with your keyboard and your mouse, in a game, in a painting application,in a word processor, in the Finder, In any other application.Major Features:You can record your keyboard keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks.You can save the record to disk in a file for later use.You can load a previously saved record from disk.You can play the record in loop as many times as needed.

Keyboard and Mouse Recorder 5.1 is specially ...

  • Keyboard and Mouse Recorder
  • 5.1
  • AlphaOmega Software
  • Mac OS X Intel, Mac OS X PPC, Mac OS X 10.6 I
  • Trial
  • 4.3 Mb
  • 828

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