ISurfer Shield v.2.1.8

iSurfer Shield 2.1.8 is considered to be a convenient and helpful software which can be used whether you're working at home, at your office, or at your favorite coffeeshop, identity theft, hacking, and spamming threats are never far away. Don't waste your time "putting out fires" and fixing problems caused by malicious Web sites or hackers while you can stop them easily before they can even get to you. Prevent problems before they happen and surf the Web safely today using iSurfer Shield.iSurfer Shield allows you to surf the Internet in total 'stealth' mode, preventing malicious Web sites from recording your real IP address and possibly using it in malicious activity against you. As simple as a mouse click, you can thwart hackers, spammers, and phishers by masking your real PC IP address with a set of anonymous IP addresses In addition iSurfer Shield also helps protect your inbox from SPAM and Junk email by providing disposable emails to use for registering with less trusty websites, forums or blogs.Major Benefits:Surf the web safely, anonymously, as simply as clicking your mouse!Prevent malicious web sites from capturing your real IP address and using it against you!Send emails using your favorite web-based email provider, without revealing your real IP address!Go where you want, when you want, anonymously and quickly!Surf the web freely from any barriers, firewalls or any web surfing restrictions!Protect your inbox from tons of SPAM emails by preventing spam emails from reaching your inbox in the first place!Save all the money you will invest in Anti Spam tools!

iSurfer Shield 2.1.8 is considered to be a ...

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  • ISurfer Shield
  • 2.1.8
  • Giant Matrix
  • Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 9
  • Trial
  • 2 Mb
  • 207
  • $19.95

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