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IE HistoryX is a user-friendly and useful program which will help you to find, view, selectively delete individual History URLs, Cookies, Cache files or completely clear Internet Explorer History, Cookies, Temporary Internet Files (Internet Explorer Cache files), delete individual Typed URL (Address Bar history), clear specific AutoComplete forms information items (search history, saved passwords cache). When you use Internet Explorer to browse to a website, the URLs you have visited, Cookies from visited sites, Temporary Internet Files (or Cache files), the URLs you have typed in Address Bar, AutoComplete forms information will be saved. This is useful for your own use, using History feature you can find link to visited site, for example for site you went to last week and forgot to bookmark. Internet Temporary Files can improve your browsing speed. Cookies can store some user settings. AutoComplete feature keeps information that you have recently typed, such as search words (search history), registration information, etc. But in case you are using a computer of friend or share your computer with family. Then all of your history could be viewed by the other user by browsing Internet Explorer History, pulling down the IE address bar list or using some third-party software like Internet Explorer Cache Viewer or Internet Explorer History Viewer, etc. That is why you may want to remove, delete or completely clear the IE History (History links to visited pages), Cookies (Cookies can store your data left on the Internet), Temporary Internet Files, Autocomplete forms information (logins, saved passwords, credit card numbers, search history, etc.), history of links from Internet Explorer Address Bar (Typed URLs). You could simply clear your IE History using Internet Explorer - Tools Menu -> Internet Options -> General Tab -> Clear History, however that will clear ALL your history (history links to visited sites, including the Address Bar URLs, Cookies, Cache files). So you probably do not want to do that, because that will remove ALL history information, and this action can be like a signal to another user that you have done something you wanted to hide. You could clear saved passwords using Internet Explorer - Tools Menu -> Internet Options -> Content Tab -> AutoComplete... -> Clear Passwords, but that will clear ALL of your saved passwords, so you probably do not want to do that, since you could not remember the passwords to all websites. Are you sure that you can remember all passwords you will need? IE History eXpert gives you simplest and more safe way. Using IE History eXpert you can delete selectively only individual History links, Cookies, clear individual Temporary Internet Files, selectively delete IE Address Bar history items, delete only specific AutoComplete forms information and saved passwords. IE History eXpert will help you to find, view and delete selectively, or clear completely IE History links, Cookies, Temporary Internet Files for a specific period of time (for example, only today History links, visited between 1:00 and 2:30 or Cookies created from 02.14.2006 to 02.16.2006) or by keyword in the page URL or page title (for example, just those that pertain to the 'free' for 'download fo FREE', 'gift' for 'Buy the GIFT', 'download' for 'DOWNLOAD free software'). Using keywords you can also find and clear History, Cookies, Cache files by per-site basis ('', '', etc.). You can not only view and clear your history, but also you can export IE History, Cookies, Cache items to the HTML file or to Excel document for later use. AutoComplete form information tool helps you to view, export, copy to clipboard, selectively delete specified logins, saved passwords (cached passwords), search history (Google, Yahoo, MSN search history) or completely clear AutoComplete forms information. Summary Tab will help you quickly clear all or only today History items, Cookies, IE Cache files, AutoComplete forms information. One click and your history is wiped. IE History eXpert supports command line parameters and you can write your own batch scripts to delete History, Cookies, Cache items. Major Features: History Clear Internet History completely or delete individual links selectively, export History to a file, copy to clipboard or add internet History URLs to FavotiresCookies Clear Internet Explorer Cookies, view content of Cookies, clear Cookies completely or delete individual Cookie files selectivelyTemporary Internet Files delete Internet Temporary Internet Files (Cache files), view Temporary Internet FilesAddress Bar history clear address bar history or selectively delete individual address bar urls (Typed URLs). Import, Export Address bar history.Autocomplete forms information Clear Autocomplete Information (clear search history, delete saved passwords and logins) selectively or completely, save autocomplete information to a fileFind Visited Resources Find history URLs of visited sites, Cookies from visited sites, find Internet Explorer Cache files by date-time, keyword in URL or page titleEnhancements: Minor bug fixes

IE HistoryX is a user-friendly and ...

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