FinalCrypt v.5.6.2


• FinalCrypt uses unbreakable One-Time Pad File Encryption

• Installation & Portable Packages for Windows, Mac & Linux

• Free of Use including Free Support by Email and Telegram

• Independently tested for Safety at 70 AnitVirus Companies

• Revolutionary Automatic Keys on One-Time Pad Encryption

• Non-Profit OpenSource private initiative for Digital Privacy

• If you already use encryption it probably is AES encryption

• Asymmetric encryption is vulnerable to The Shor's Algorithm

• Disk Encryption does NOT protect you from active Spyware

• Today's Mass Privacy Violations in the Cyber Security News

• FinalCrypt protects your Constitutional & Human Rights §8

The No¹ One-Time Pad Encryption with Automat. The No¹ One-Time Pad Encryption with Automatic Keys ...

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  • FinalCrypt
  • 5.6.2
  • Ron de Jong
  • Windows, OSX, Linux
  • Freeware
  • 77.36 Mb
  • 1249
  • Free

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