DSPAM for Hotmail v.3.2.0


The dSPAM range of email filtering products is designed to rid your mailbox of the never-ending tide of unsolicited junk email ("spam") that threatens to swamp it. dSPAM is a dedicated email filtering system, employing a combination of "key-phrase" matching, heuristic analysis, blacklists and trusted lists to provide a range of levels of protection against unsolicited email messages, combined with real-time program updates for maximum security. The key phrase filters for dSPAM are updated by real live human technicians, based on the contents of actual "spam" messages received in our "honey pot" mailboxes dotted around the Internet. Updates are posted on an hourly, or even minute-by-minute basis. Users also have the option of reporting to us any unwanted messages that make it through, via the integrated notification system. dSPAM can also be set to reject emails with different types of suspicious HTML content. These exploits include the "Iframes" and rogue ActiveX controls that can be used to attack your computer, and the in-line images that can be used to identify your email address as "live" to the spammers. This Hotmail Combined Edition offers protection for either up to 5 Hotmail accounts at home, or an unlimited number of Hotmail mailboxes in an Internet cafe. dSPAM Hotmail Cafe requires a valid Purchase Code, otherwise it will operate as a trial version for just one day.

The dSPAM range of email filtering products is ...

  • DSPAM for Hotmail
  • 3.2.0
  • dSPAM
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 3.85 Mb
  • 176
  • $89.99

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