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Some malware can best be removed if the infected system, including the malware itself, is not active during the cleaning. To use another system, one needs either a second full installation, or a operating system bootable from CD.There are existing solutions to create bootable Windows CDs that include Spybot-S&D, including the well-known BartPE environment (this is not intended as competition to it). The BartPE solution has the disadvantage that the user needs to own a full Windows XP CD though (no recovery CD or partition only, and Win9x/ME CDs are not sufficient either), and some understanding of the process to create the CD. The goal of this tool is to create a bootable CD with a minimum of interaction by the user required; our method skips or automates the difficult parts and tries to be as simple as possible using these steps nearly every user should be capable of.HashCRC32:5582E019MD5:6F4063947397D6EA5A2F4356F3CD41EASHA1:3204CE706BEA8E9371A237374D296D52607DB034

Some malware can best be removed if the ... A wizard to create a bootable repair CD including Spybot-S&D.

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