Microsoft Windows 98 Update: Share Level Password Update


This update resolves the "Windows Share Level Password" vulnerability in Windows 98. If a computer that is linked to a network has File and Print Sharing enabled, and has at least one password-protected folder shared, it may be possible for a user on the network to gain unauthorized access to the folder. This vulnerability exists because of the way the password feature of share level access is implemented for computers running Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition. A malicious user can exploit this vulnerability and use a special client utility to gain access to a share without knowing the entire password, and may be able to retrieve, modify, or delete any file within that share. Download now to prevent unauthorized access to files that are shared over a network that uses share level security.Note: A computer is only vulnerable if it has File and Print Sharing enabled, and has password-protection enabled for at least one shared folder.Windows 98 incorporates peer-to-peer networking capabilities that allow you to share files and folders on a network or within a workgroup. You must enable the File and Print Sharing service and change the properties of a folder in order to create a folder share, and make the folder accessible to others on the network.Share level security requires users on a network to enter a password to gain access to a shared folder.For more information about this vulnerability, please read Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q273991.

This update resolves the "Windows Share Level ...

  • Microsoft Windows 98 Update: Share Level Password Update
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