ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro v.6.1


ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro 6.1 is a very serviceable tool which is suitable with enterprises to control access to passwords. Password Manager Pro (PMP) is a trusted solution to securely store, access and administer shared administrative passwords. It enables IT managers to maintain a central repository of passwords, enforce standard password policies and control unauthorized user access to shared passwords. It also provides a complete record of 'who', 'what' and 'when' of password access. In organizations, access to IT infrastructure such as servers, databases, network devices and applications storing sensitive data are restricted through privileged passwords. The number of administrative passwords keep on growing as more and more servers, devices and applications are added to the enterprise. Typically, the applications are used in a shared environment by a group of administrators, who end up virtually struggling with a pile of passwords and face problems on securely storing, managing and sharing the passwords. Spreadsheets, flat files and even print-outs containing the passwords are circulated among the administrators. This traditional practice brings with it a host of issues such as: Insecure storage of passwords & security vulnerabilitiesUncontrolled super-user privilegesNo role-based access controlLack of accountability for actionsNo provision for enforcing standard password practices/policiesNo centralized controlPassword Manager pro solves this problem by providing a secure system to store, administer, and share passwords. Major Features: Key FeaturesCentralized Password VaultShared Administrative Password ManagementAD & LDAP IntegrationWindows Service Account ManagementRemote Password ResetPassword Access Control WorkflowRole-based Access ControlPassword Security & ComplianceAudit & Audit NotificationsReportsEnterprise FeaturesTwo-Factor AuthenticationBackup & Disaster RecoveryPassword Management APIsHigh Availability SupportPCI DSS Compliance ReportingOther FeaturesSuper Admin SupportAutomatic login to target systemsPost-password reset custom script execution supportSetting Password Expiry DatesReal-time Notifications on password eventsPersonal Password ManagementAccess through web browserEnhancements Nested Resource Groups: Option to arrange and maintain resource groups in hierarchical structure (groups, sub-groups) for navigational conveniencePassword Explorer'Home' tab re-arranged in an intuitive way to provide easy access to the passwords owned and/or shared. The explorer contains the following components:All My PasswordsMy Recent PasswordsMy Favourite PasswordsNested Resource Group TreeRemote Password Synchronization for Juniper Netscreen DevicesSupport for changing the privileged passwords of remote Juniper Netscreen devices from PMP GUITemplates for Customizing Email Notification ContentBy default, PMP has a specific content for the email notification for various password actions. If you want, you can customize the content and have your own content.Export Passwords of Resource GroupsOption to export the passwords of specific resource groups aloneBug Fixes & ChangesMySQL version upgraded from 5.0.36 to 5.079Earlier, when there were large number of passwords, loading of the dashboard took some time. This has now been optimizedEarlier, there were issues in carrying out password synchronization / verification using a single account in Linux. This has been fixed.Earlier, when Active Directory authentication was enabled, there were problems in logging in to PMP using the local authentication when a AD user was deleted. This has been fixed.Requirements: Pentium 1Ghz and above512 MB RAM

ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro 6.1 is a very ...

  • ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro
  • 6.1
  • AdventNet Inc
  • Windows NT , 2K , XP , 2003
  • Demo
  • 32.3 Mb
  • 151
  • $420.00

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