Windows Terminal Services FTP v.


WtsFtp is Intended to enable transferring files between a Terminal Services® /Remote Desktop Server and a Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Client.Up to WtsFtp there was no good solution for transferring files over the Internet/Intranet between a Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Client and a Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Server.On windows 2000 platforms you needed to install unreliable patches and/or map network drives, exposing your network to file access from the Internet, loosing transferred information when the connection is broken and suffer a performance hit while transferring files over slow network connections.On Windows XP/2003 you suffered a performance hit while transferring files over slow network connections and loose transferred information when the connection is broken.All this has changed with the introduction of WtsFtp, the first real solution for Terminal Services/Remote Desktop file transfer.Special Features: 1. Works with Terminal Services/Remote Desktop to enable transferring data on any network connection supported by Terminal Services/ Remote Desktop. 2. There is no need to map network drives, you always see the client and server computers. 3. Transfer speed is controlled by the user and can be adjusted to enable smooth transfers without disturbing other activities. 4. Resume broken downloads enables you to continue file transfer from the point a disconnection interrupted it. 5. Works with all PC TS Client versions including TSAC Web Client. 6. Built in compression and file transfer optimizations bring significant speed and performance gains over the standard drive mapping options. 7. Administrative user/group access controls to limit user/group access to server drives and special directories. * 8. Administrative user/group speed controls to limit user/group transfer speeds for server bandwidth usage control. * 9. Enable/Disable file uploads or downloads to and from the server. 10. Advanced command line options to automate file transfer tasks, synchronize files between server and client, customize user file view and integrate file transfer into existing Terminal Services/Remote Desktop applications. 11. Additional WtsFtp client only installation file for rapid deployment on multiple clients

WtsFtp is Intended to enable transferring ...

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