Web Page Refresher v.2.1


Unlike some competitors products Webpage Refresher and Monitor contains no spyware, adware, trojens, malware, etc. Refresh and monitor as many web pages as you want. Each with their own settings. All settings automatically saved for you. Dont worry about forgetting to save your changes. Refresh at random or fixed times. Refresh by seconds, minutes, or hours. Real time countdown shows next page refresh. Search for text with a simple word search or as adavanced as you want with Regular Expressions. Choose whether you want your search to run against the pages HTML code or the raw text. Get notified either when your search is found or is no longer found on the page. Run any program or file for notification when your search criteria is met. Append any text or arguments to your notification file. Using the Run File and Append combination you are limited only by your imagination as to how you are alerted. - Send an email. - Send a message to your cell phone. - Make an entry in an Excel file. - Update a database. - The possibilities are endless. Webpage Refresher and Monitor will replace certain predefined tags so that the tabs name, the date, the time or any combination can be sent as command line arguments to your file. Add, delete, rename, and rearrage tabs. Give tabs their own unique names. Easily view a pages HTML or raw text for setting up searches or just for curiosity. Use the "Browse To" feature to preview the page or use it to test your search. Watch the pages refresh in real time. 99% of popup windows blocked. Minimizes to the system tray to keep it out of the way until you need it. A simple click restores it. Unlike other programs Webpage Refresher and Monitor remembers its windowss size, location, and all splitter bar locations. For more detailed information check out the other pages via the naviagtion bar on the top of this page.

Unlike some competitors products Webpage ...

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  • Web Page Refresher
  • 2.1
  • vbMark
  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000
  • Freeware
  • 343 Kb
  • 180
  • Free

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