Very Simple Network Scanner v.


When initially started VSNS retrieves the current IP to make it easier for inexperienced users and awaits for a simple click on the Scan Network button.Planned Features:For the Next Release * Set Device Type o (ex Modem, Router, Computer, Phone) * Save IP List with Devices Types in a CSV File * Send the IP List by eMail * Save/Load Reports * Timed ScansFor a future release * Basic Port scanner for management port detection o 80, 443, 22, 23 * Update instead of repopulate the IP List on each scan * More elaborate Device Types (Manufacturer, Model) (Sub types already added but haven't decided on how to use them) * Print The IP List VSNS Technical Information * Fully Threaded o Each Ping has its own thread o Finished threads don't interrupt the activity reports or other scan threads. * Automatically recognizes the network it is supposed to scan VSNS Device Tree * Computer o PC o Laptop o Notebook o SubNotebook * Server o Storage o Web Server o FTP Server * Router * VoIP o Phone o ATA o Gateway o PBX o WiFi Bridge * Switch o Unmanaged o Smart o Managed * Media o Audio Renderer o Audio/Video Renderer o IP Camera o TV * Printer * WiFi * Other o Game Console o USB To Ethernet o PDA o Mobile PhoneDevices are not detected automatically.

When initially started VSNS retrieves the ...

  • Very Simple Network Scanner
  • George Pantazis
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Freeware
  • 2.9 Mb
  • 283
  • Free

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