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URL Union features as a feature-rich program with a graphical interface that will merge and unify multiple collections of URLs (aka bookmarks). The program imports and exports URLs in a variety of HTML-based formats, and allows the URLs to be organized in any number of useful ways. Major Features:Storing URLs in HTML. It just seems perverse to me to store URLs in a proprietary, binary format, since HTML is the native, natural language for such links. URL Union stores its bookmarks in an HTML file that can be easily read by any text editor, and any Web browser.Supporting both tags and folders. It seems that many bookmark managers allow you to assign multiple, single-level tags to each URL. Other bookmark managers allow you to organize your URLs into nested folders, but typically allow each URL to appear in only one folder. URL Union allows you to assign multiple tags to each URL, and each tag can be nested up to 10 levels deep.Intelligent import and merge capabilities. Many bookmark managers allow you to add additional bookmarks to a central file via an import function, but simply add the new bookmarks to your existing list. URL Union will allow only one record for each unique URL, and will intelligently merge duplicates when they are added via an import.Import from multiple sources. URL Union supports import capabilities for multiple file formats, essentially allowing users to import their URLs from most existing sources in which they might be stored.Viewing URLs via HTML. URL Union can publish your URLs in a variety of convenient HTML formats that allow you to view and use your URLs from any Web browser.Export. URL Union can easily publish your URLs in the traditional Netscape bookmarks format, which can be imported by almost any Web browser or other URL manager.Enhancements:Enhanced publishing capabilitiesConverted from freeware to shareware, for $12 US. Requirements:Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at least 1.5.

URL Union features as a feature-rich program ...

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