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TEA Total is a very small 128 bit private key based encryption/decryption system which uses the block variant of TEA (Tiny Encryption Algorithm). TEA is said to be several times faster than DES, as well as being much smaller and possibly more secure. It also isnt encumbered by any patents and the reference implementation is in the public domain. Currently TEA Total only supports encryption and decryption of files (with optional compression and/or Base64 ASCII encoding). I am writing a set of TEA based encrypted tunnel programs which will allow you to wrap applications such that their input and output will be transparently forwarded over a network in encrypted form. About the name: TEA Total is a play on the TEA encryption algorithm which is at the heart of the package, and the phrase "tee total", a term used to refer to a person who does not drink alcohol. This is appropriate because I am tee total myself. To build TEA Total in a Unix type environment, edit config.inc to select the options you want to build, your install prefix, and your architecture type, then type make. Check that the compares succeed, then run make install (possibly as root). After it builds, it will run through a set of self tests. Read the output carefully to make sure that they have all passed. Note that the Makefile uses some GNU-Makeisms, so on systems which have pmake or something else by default, you may have to install gnu make instead and run it with "gmake". If you are building on a currently unsupported architecture type, you will need to add a new architecture type description to config.inc and arch.h. The program can be installed using "make install".

TEA Total is a very small 128 bit private key ...

  • TEA Total
  • 0.4
  • Alex Holden
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